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n. andrew walsh
Aqua Fusion Icons Public Beta

Icon Sub-Sets 10 comments

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Jan 30 2003
yeah, i'm some sort of weirdo: unlike nearly everybody else here, i actually prefer the blue-tinted, abstract icons you had for some of the releases. if you could include that windows drive icon in the final, i'd be really happy.

thanks! - Feb 05 2003
now, while i use KDE, i do have some windows partitions on here. i preferred the blue-tint drive icons (that had the square window on them, instead of that curvy window icon) to the ones with the colored windows logo.

but in the beta, that icon is missing. did you remove it? - Feb 03 2003

Screensavers 7 comments

by dfn5
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Dec 05 2002
uh, maybe i'm stupid or something, so help me out. when i try configure, it gives me an error, and says, "make sure you install kdelibs first."

well, kdelibs is certainly installed, and i'm setting the prefix to /opt/kde3. any suggestions? is there an option i'm not setting here?

thanks. - Dec 01 2002

Wallpaper Other 8 comments

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Nov 18 2002
yo dawg, that's what i'm sayin'!

i really dig v.2. thanks. - Nov 18 2002
i know this sounds REALLY pretentious (and on some boards would be a troll), but i hope i can come across as sincere here.

that is, that this reminds me of a big weird modern art sculpture they just put up a year or two outside of the national gallery's west wing in DC. one critic described it as looking "as if a drunken giant had run a sheet halfway through a giant paper shredder, pulled it out, and propped it up on wires."

the thing is, the rest of the article clearly implies that this is a compliment, and i agreed: a giant weird thing is just what was needed there. it's my favorite sculpture around the building (see what i mean by troll? "die yuppie scum!" they'll flame at me). i really like this wall (though it does look a little too OSX-y). i'd like to see it much darker, though (maybe with the thing glowing?) so it doesn't wash out the aquafusion icons.

i'm too long-winded.

thanks for the wall. - Nov 18 2002
Noia for KDE 1.00

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Sep 18 2003
oh! one thing i just noticed: the "shuffle" button on noatun is just a generic K logo. i assume you didn't intend that, and that you would want a special icon for that, yes? hope so.

thanks! - Nov 16 2002
yeah, i have to agree: the xmms icon isn't my favorite, either.

but DANG: 0.5 is fabulous. i still have to use some duplicates to cover all my apps, but you say you'll release an "extended apps" set, so i really look forward to it.

thanks for the icons! - Nov 16 2002
okay, i really dig your icon set. for me, i kinda LIKE the bluish tint to the icons, because nearly everything on my computer is tinted some shade of blue. these work pretty wel.

but aside from the ones above, i have a few other icons i'd like to see:
staroffice, openoffice, realplayer, kit, GRip, everybuddy, gaim, kopete, gftp, any of the SuSE set, KDict, and limewire.

plus, some "generic" ones (audio object, net object, file object, etc. a generic "chat" icon would cover all my chat programs) that i could apply to more obscure applications that shouldn't have wide enough distribution to justify a dedicated icon.

the file is HUGE as it is, so i wonder how many more icons could be put in without getting some monster tarball. but it *is* a great set. i hope you keep working on it. i was WONDERING what it was on some of the other screenshots around here.

thanks! - Nov 12 2002
Keuphoria (OpenGL) RPM for Mandrake 9.0

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Oct 10 2002
okay, since i'm on SuSE, i tried to use the tarball (see above, for the link) but i keep getting the same error when i try to make:

In file included from keuphoriasetup.cpp:28:
keuphoria.h:34: GL/gl.h: No such file or directory
keuphoria.h:35: GL/glx.h: No such file or directory
keuphoria.h:36: GL/glu.h: No such file or directory

now, i KNOW i have openGL working, but SuSE uses mesaglut, not mesaglu. so maybe it's looking for something else? and i'm using the nvidia and GLX drivers from nvidia's SuSE distro.

i know this isn't exactly the proper place to ask this (you just ported it, after all) but i would like to get this working.

thanks! - Nov 16 2002
A Phoenix Icon

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Nov 22 2002
nice icon. it works with AquaFusion better than the crystallized one i have, too.

(on the side: where's you get a transparent gkrellm skin with colors? mine just has black and white graphs, which isn't too helpful)

thanks! - Nov 15 2002
File Manager + DE Usability

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 35 comments

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Apr 28 2003
and totally off-topic.

what's the theme/style you're using? not the icons (those are the very cool new ones). maybe the window decoration? i like the sleek, curvy widgets.

thanks. - Nov 14 2002
Aqua Fusion Icon Theme 0.4

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Jan 08 2003
sorry. that was 6.5mm.

gawd. 6.5cm? that's huge. sorry. - Nov 12 2002
okay, maybe i'm doing my math wrong here. someone help me out:

my monitor has a dot pitch of .2mm (it's 1600x1200, at about 45cm across). a 32-pixel icon is approximately 6.5cm across.

now, if you run something at 1900x1600, you either have a big monitor, or it doesn't really go to that resolution, and you're just deliberately compressing everything. or it does have that res., but it's small, and you like things tiny.

there are better ways to do this than setting your icons to be 128, aren't there?

maybe there's something i don't understand, but if your monitor really can do 1900x1600 (that is, you're setting it to its real resolution, not just making the desktop bigger), with a dot pitch of .2, a 128-pixel icon will be about 2.5cm. that's pretty huge.

can you explain just how you get this resolution?

sorry if i seem pedantic, but i haven't been able to make sense of this thread since it was posted. - Nov 08 2002
actually, ikinda like the general bluish tint to the whole set. gives me a nice integrated icon theme. too many colors gets distracting, at least for me.

so if you DO add colorized versions, please keep the blue ones as alternates, at least. as it is, i think there are too MANY colors here.

but i'm not sure, because after i fiddled around with my screen settings to try to compensate for my now-very-distant icons (see above) my monitor's busted.

why am i telling you this? sorry. - Nov 04 2002
answered my own question. from the changelog for 3.0.4 on

KDesktop : better determination of icon heights, for "lineup Icons"

yeah, well it isn't. now my icons are twice as far apart. that sucks.

guess i'll go bitch to them... - Oct 31 2002
this pertains specifically to version 0.4, released this last week:

i just installed it and apllied it (it looks great, by the way. thanks for stylizing the desktop and trash icons again!) but now, when i right-click the desktop, and click "line up icons," the spacing just jumped way up. now my icons take up nearly a third of the desktop, where they previously only took up about a fifth.

what happened? did you all change something? or is something wrong with my system? changing the icons' size has no effect: they still remain centered where they were.

what's up?

EE - Oct 31 2002
this referes specifically to v 0.3, something seemingly none of the comments above do. i'm not sure why KDE-L pasted comments from your previous release onto this one. but anyway:

it's great! the old Opera icon (the swank blue O) is back now, and while i'm not usually a fan of lots of color, this is pretty tasteful.

now, about that trash bin... - Oct 04 2002
and another suggestion: i thought the desktop icon in v0.1 was better, too (the three differently sized circles)

i kind of like more abstract icons, see. - Sep 11 2002
while we're at it:

i kinda preferred the trash bin icon in version 0.1. the semi-hollow recycling symbol for empty, the solid symbol for full. i thought that was pretty clever.

i'm so bloody PICKY. sorry. just a suggestion. - Sep 11 2002
no, i mean that the opera icon in version 0.2 is the standard, red, "O" with a shadow, just like it is for a normal icon set. in the aqua fusion extended apps packet (that was an add-on to beta 0.1) i had a nice blue opera icon.

when i apply the extension (the extended apps set for version 0.1), it reverts all the icons to version 0.1. i checked the iconset. really! - Sep 10 2002
hey, what happened to the Opera icon in the beta 0.2 release? it used to be part of the extended set for v.0.1, but now there isn't one to go with 0.2. it's back to the lame old 'O' design.

huh? - Sep 10 2002

Noatun Skins 7 comments

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Nov 12 2002
noatun, at least in the latest versions of KDE, should be able to install this itself. in the options dialogue, click the "K-jofol Skins" name on the side, then click the litle folder button at the bottom. find the .zip file, click it, and then click the "Install new Skin" button. k-jofol should load the skin itself.

by the way, this is a great skin. i never was totally satisfied with the iMpeg skin for kaiman. thanks for the port!

my one suggestion is this: i'd like to see an "options" button on the skin.

hope this helps. - Nov 12 2002
Return of the K

Wallpaper Other 6 comments

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Nov 07 2002
yeah, this is good. i always thought that the gear-K was a little too funky. nice to get a slick K. ditto the above comment about colors. - Nov 07 2002
Liquid GTK

GTK1 Themes 27 comments

by Yaba
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Oct 31 2002
under KDE, at least in my system, you have to open the GNOME configuration window (it's under system-->configuration in SuSE) to select Gtk themes. i still haven't figured out how to change the colors, though.

hope this helps. - Oct 29 2002

Wallpaper Other 1 comment

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Oct 26 2002
dali was a kde user... - Oct 27 2002
KFiresaver3D (OpenGL) - Source

Screensavers 145 comments

by koral
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Dec 31 2003
i have the same setup, but it says, when i try to make, the following:

In file included from particle.h:24,
from particle.cpp:24:
/usr/lib/qt3/include/qgl.h:72: GL/gl.h: No such file or directory
/usr/lib/qt3/include/qgl.h:73: GL/glu.h: No such file or directory

now, i checked in /usr/lib/qt3/include/qgl.h, on those lines, and it says this:

#if defined(Q_WS_MAC)
# include
# include
# include
# include

these lines are commented out, yes?

can somebody help me make sense of this? i'm running nvidia as my driver, using the GLX modules for a Ti4600, on SuSE 8 and KDE3.0.2. but i don't know enough about qt to know how to modify this file.



EE - Oct 23 2002
okay, so SuSE 8.0 has packages which conflict with mesaglu-devel (more properly, another package upon which it depends), which means that i can't compile the version you have up here. that is, when i try make, i get:

In file included from particle.h:24,
from particle.cpp:24:
/usr/lib/qt3/include/qgl.h:72: GL/gl.h: No such file or directory
/usr/lib/qt3/include/qgl.h:73: GL/glu.h: No such file or directory
make[2]: *** [particle.o] Error 1

but i DO have a package called "mesaglut-devel," which might be that same thing. or it might not.

just to clarify, too: i have an nvidia gf4-Ti4600, which is top of the line. it has 128mb or ram onboard, and i have another 780 or so on the mobo, which has a 1.9GHz processor. so i think i have enough graphics power.

but the nvidia card uses the GLX driver, which is a specialized driver. maybe this version of opengl isn't capable of being compiled for my machine?

has anybody else compiled this for a similar architecture? please let me know how i can get around this problem.


Executor Elassus - Oct 21 2002
just to check, and make sure about my /usr/lib/qt3/ directory:

there aren't ANY files in that directory. only more subdirectories. is there something wrong here?

durned thing still won't make... - Sep 12 2002
did you mean mesaglut-devel? 'cause that's what YasT spits back when i search for mesaglu.

and it is installed. already. so make isn't finding it, yes? any ideas why not?

as i told you, my computer seems to have issues putting packages where they belong.

hmmm... - Sep 10 2002
whoops! it did ./configure okay, but when i did make, it said:

In file included from particle.h:24, particle.cpp:24:

/usr/lib/qt3/ggl.h:72: Gl/gl.h: no such file or directory
/usr/lib/qt3/ggl.h:73: Gl/glu.h: no such file or directory

and quits with Error 2.

is this my fault (i've been discovering that some files didn't get where they were supposed to be) or the compiler's? hope you can help; i keep trying to install this, and i keep failing.

oh yeah: SuSE 8.0 with KDE3.0.1 (or maybe it's 3.0.2)

thanks. - Sep 09 2002
Aqua Fusion Alternative Splash

KDE 3.x Splash Screens 7 comments

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Sep 27 2002
I really like the theme, but for one thing:

the application Splashman (available on this site) doesn't properly separate the two themes, and just loads the one with text.

could you provide a separate tarball (say, at your own site, to preven double postings here) to contain the theme without the text? that way, Splashman could find it.

otherwise, it's a great theme! - Oct 04 2002
dark networK

Wallpaper Other 17 comments

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Feb 08 2002
man, who ARE these pussies? thought you should know, soyburg: i gave you a positive just to spite him/her. i actually kinda like the desktop (my average screen brightness setting is 37%) but i think anonymous cowards who just try to be nasty without having the balls to name themselves, and who resort to cheap-ass tricks like long posts and anonymous negative votes, deserve to be sodomized. like those pussies who keep writing worm viruses.

solidarity, homie! - Oct 04 2002

Wallpaper Other 26 comments

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Sep 08 2002
well, maybe YOU'RE kidding, but i wouldn't be! let's not forget: there ARE people out there with linux/kde tattoos. you think i'm joking, don't you?

besides, i think it would address some of the complaints lower down. that is: that some sort of spoof-cheescake would actually be pretty funny.

you know what really turns me on? chicks with big fat kde tattoos. oh yeah...

;-) - Sep 09 2002
Noatun Systray Icons *6 styles*

Icon Sub-Sets 2 comments

by Cyyb
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Aug 07 2002
dude, these are GREAT!

of course, the next step would be for somebody to write a browser (like what bretzeltux just did for splashscreens with his excellent Splashman) so we could assign them without copying files.

but anyway, good job! keep at it! - Aug 07 2002

Screensavers 49 comments

by jisi
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Jun 02 2003
nope, i didn't forget. still not there.

should we do this directly over email? you can get my address from my profile, yes?

grr... - Aug 06 2002
i'm running SuSE 8.0, so it would be /opt/kde3/bin/ where the executable SHOULD have gone, yes? - Aug 04 2002
ALL of the ksetisaver files (the executable and .desktop file included) are in in ~/[subdirectories]/ksetisaver/

did it not make the install correctly? - Aug 04 2002
so, i executed ksetisaver in its directory, with the --setup option, and i could set it up fine. and when i did ./ksetisaver, a little window popped up, and it looked like it was running the screensaver. the console from which i typed it said this as it was running:

heleo datlen 512
Max is 255

but it seemed that the program was running okay. it said stuff like "Accessing," and displayed some numbers, and what looked like one of the best-fit graphs.

BUT! it won't run on its own as a screensaver, even after i specified the correct directory for my SAH client. and even though i have it as an option in my screensavers tab (from right-clicking the desktop; remember that i soft-linked the .desktop file into my Screensavers directory) i can't get to the same setup menu, nor can i run a test, like i can with other screensavers.

and i don't get any OpenGL errors anywhere.

thoughts? - Aug 04 2002
running SuSE with KDE 3.02, all from approved RPM packages. installed all the files (ran make and make install, without incident) to a subdirectory of ~, and then softlinked the .desktop file to my screensavers directory. it shows up on my list of screensavers, but i can't get to any settings, and it won't run at all.

any ideas? want any .log files? did i screw something up?

(wish SuSE would make an RPM, cause i can't) - Aug 03 2002
KSplashManager (was Splashman)

KDE 3.x Splash Screens 82 comments

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Nov 26 2002
where did you add this line, and what did it say, exactly?

cause i'm getting compile errors that refer to "cerr," but i don't know how to fix them, cause i suck at coding.

thanks! - Aug 05 2002

Noatun Skins 3 comments

by Frank
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Oct 06 2001
i found another site ( that has postings of this, and TONS of other, k-jofol skins. THAT one worked fine.

drop what you're doing, and go visit NOW. - Aug 04 2002
all the skins (including the ones on the french-language website) are really pretty, but the image files aren't in a standard format. like, they're in .bmp or something. MY player (k-jofol, running kde3 and suse 8.0) won't load it automatically, like it will with others, and if i try ot do it manually (to the /skins subdirectory) it crashes the skin-loader.

can you fix this? my other skins all use .png format for the images, i think.

thanks. - Aug 04 2002