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jane huebner

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I meant everything I said in my last post. Not enough recognition for the photographers in this forum who have demonstrated their talent for close-ups!

I believe that there are many, many people in this world who haven't even begun to appreciate what nature has to show us. In front - in plain sight - in our face. So small, yet so huge! To be captured through the lens of a camera.... forever...

Keep up the crusade Dave! You are an inspiration to us all! - Jan 02 2010
Storm Watcher

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Love it! - Jan 01 2010

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Would love to see more close-ups like the ones in your portfolio make it to the top of the ratings pack. I can understand that 'scenery' is most popular, but the skills required to pull off bang-on macro photography should be equally recognized. Keep up the great work Dave! - Jan 01 2010
Blue and Green - 2

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One year later, 751 downloads and it's sitting at 70%. How many of your buddies are helping you with the votes??? - Aug 17 2008
Blue and Green - 2

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You uploaded this particular picture August 08, 2007. In three months, there have been 180 downloads. I see that there have been another six 'Green and Blue' pictures of yours along the same lines.

Our peers usually "speak" to quality by rating our submissions. [As can be seen by the photo Monte Cristallo which has over 12,000 downloads and is sitting at 72%.]

So how is it that your pictures can be so highly rated? You aren't PADDING the votes are you???

Just an observation from somebody who doesn't have a great talent in this regard, (would love to!), but can recognize a popular from a non-popular photo when I see it....

Just some food for thought...... - Nov 08 2007
October Sunset 2

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One of the best sunset photos I have ever seen in a long time. - Nov 08 2007
Tulipa sp. var. occulata

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This pic is awesome!!!!!! A wonderful change from all of the "screen set-up stuff"! - May 16 2007