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Erich Iseli
Keuphoria (OpenGL) RPM for Mandrake 9.0

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Oct 10 2002
...the above post.

vi ~/.kde/share/config/keuphoriarc

and deleting all values did the trick. For all those who don't want to have this experience, just don't play around with buttons other than "Normal", "Grid" and "Cubism". All other broke the screensaver. - Nov 29 2002
Yes, same problem. I've tried the a couple of the preset buttons and now here's what happening:

1) in the list of screensavers, when I click on Keuphoria, there's no preview any longer

2) if I click on configure, the configuration window flashes for half a second and disappears.

=> Please! Please! Where does the screensaver write its configuration so that I can revert it to the normal? - Nov 29 2002