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Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by lunimare 7 comments

Hello: I just wanted to know where can I download the background of the first screenshot, it's very good. If you don't know ehere did you find it, please just upload it to and give us the URL. thanks =) - Jul 09 2006
proper webbrowsing menu

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by pleban 7 comments

Complexity seems to be a natural tendency in computers.

In a GUI, if you implement a feature, then you'll create graphical ways to access it. As more features you have, more powerful your program might be, but more bloated it becames. As I read recently in a a blog of a kde developer, that once you add a feature, you cannot get rid of it easily, because there's always someone fan of it...

SO the real problem is, most features migh be needed (by someone at least), but not by the same person, and certainly features' need vary from user to user.

I belive that the real solution to feeling of BLOAT is :
1) Have sane defaults, as you're suggesting.
2) But much more needed is a slick, automatized way of dealing with unused "entries". I.e. if you have used some toolbar icons less than a xx % of times trough X time, that
icons should be hidden by default.

You could then click in an icon ">>" to show all the other entries. And of course this way of simplifying the life to user could be always deactivated.

Same with menu entries and what not! For example, in menu entries, when you clicked in ">>" (that would be for example the last menu entry) then the menu would show all the entries, differenciating for you the entries that were hidden before with a different background color so that you only look for an entry you didn't see before amnog that ones, etc...

I sent some months ago a bug report about this: . I'm feeling like I should create an entry here about it so that people rate the idea and discuss about it, but it's a bit late, so that will be tomorrow at best ;-).

Edulix. - Dec 02 2004
KDE Menu Shortcut Improvement

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by maarizwan 13 comments

I just want to explain why I voted bad:

I also belive, as the reporter does, that KDE menus are cluttered, but as the person I'm replying to,I don't like the propposed approch.

In that aspect I coincide with you (the person I'm replying to!): somewhat, a better solution would be to do what for exaple distributions like SuSE already do, to use more submenus.

But I'd go further about clutter in K-Menu:
- What about hiding by default unused menus, submenus, and entries just like Windows does since who knows when ? Of course, you could optionally click in a button at the top of th menu ">>" that will show you the unused entries.

That's what I call plain simple a slick way of simplifying things. Example: If you haven't clicked on X since 1 week ago or more, hide it.

If you click in ">>", to view all hiden entries/submenus (the unused entries would have a different background color so that you can easily see what were missing before), and then click in that submenu/entry you haven't used since 1 week ago, then change it to be a not-hiden entry (i.e. update the list when clicking in a hidden entries).

Of course, every once and again, the hidden entries list must be updated, so that you parse the last-time-clicked info. One thing to be aware: this is personal information that is being stored in the computer!

And of course this should be:
a ) deactivable
b ) configurable (how often to update the list, which is the policy for hiding, etc)

- I still have other suggestions to improve the K-Menu, if you want more ;-).

Thanks to everyone reading who riched this point. If you did so..what do you think about this?

Have a nice day,
Edulix. - Nov 24 2004
Improving KDE

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by andrunko 313 comments


Hi andrunko! All of this improvements are really wonderful. I wonder how many people wanted most of them (but were lazy or unnable to develop them =)!

I've noted that your desktop icons have a winxp-like shadow. Is a patch for that in your patch ?

BTW, I'd like to point you some other cool, needed, and not too much difficult (i belive :-P) to implement bugs/wishes that you might be interesting for you: :
Bug 57729: [Wish] Implement icon hiding as in Windows XP :
Bug 91068: Use minicli in Quick Launcher applet :
Bug 32101: Preview still shows KDE 1 theme :
Bug 83803: ask user to recover lost session if konqueror crashed :
Bug 82277: when kwin crashes it shouldn't make KDE unusable :
Bug 74499: characters are lost when resizing konsole window :
Bug 76082: smooth scrolling in all apps

Maybe one day i go wild and start using my little C++ knoweldge to try fixing some of those (and/or others!) bugs.

Finally but at all less important, considering the wide acception (92%!) of your patches, I think it would be a certainly good and logical idea to ship your patch in default KDE 3.3.2. Always that would imply that it doesn't contain errors, regressions or make KDE unusuable/more slow :-).

Thanks for your time,
       Edulix. - Oct 13 2004
mac like slack

KDE Plasma Screenshots by polemos 25 comments

Hey, cool desktop.

Something I really don't like about KDE is their text shadows - even Gnome does a better job.

How did you reached to get that kind of desktop icons text shadows ? I've read that with xorg >=6.8.0 and composite activated you can do it efficiently, are you using that ? And no matter if your answer is true or false: how can we achieve the same text shadow ?

I'd like to have this in next KDE version (KDE 3.3.1 is freezed, so I suspect that it could be 3.3.2 or higher.. :-( ). - Oct 11 2004

Utilities by cs19713 103 comments

"2. The code in CVS is horribly idented"

I just thought: Using Reg. Exp. in a simple bash script you could replace every 4/8 spaces of the lines' beginning with a tab.
Maybe even there's a Kdevelop plugin for that, if not, there should be one! :P

About the i18n translations, Now, I'll checkout the CVS code and start translating.

BTW, have you read the bug report I mentioned? Actually It's essentially about the same as kdock: docking any apps into the dock.

But it differ in the way of docking: instead of executting kodck and clicking in the app we want to dock, it says that it would be nice "to have a "Dock into panel" option in the window operations menu for every window to do something like minimize to tray".

The only problem I've found so far is that it would only work in kwin of course..

I know you've already added the i18n support, but anyway, I'll tell you that I'm learning C++, so I most probably try to play with the code, but I don't think I can do something productive with it... uhm who knows ? . - Jun 21 2004

Utilities by cs19713 103 comments

This application is really a good idea. I think that you might be interested in a feature requesting something very similar to what you've done:

BTW, I've got some ideas that may improove kdocker:

- I think that a make install command should be wonderful =). BTW, I had to manually build the png icon because I only saw a xpm.

- Does it support localization or have you thought about it? I offer myself to translate it to my mother tongue, Spanish.

- I suggest you to give the bug report I mentioned a try, because it has some good ideas you might want to support ;-). - Jun 19 2004

Network by blinkhacker 18 comments

Can you provide screenshots here so that we can see the app before installing/downloading it?

BTW, I think that if you're serious about this app you should have a website with a bugzilla, news, etc (,; Kde-apps is a good place to promote KRssEditor, but doesn't provide the needed infrastructure for the development.

Good luck!!
Edulix. - May 30 2004
Not quite kicker

Kicker Panel by fop 84 comments

Yeah this looks great, like the other +/- 200 comments say... but the question is... What about usabilty?

The menus takes space, and with a single one, this space consumed isn't much, but with menus in all the borders, it's like have a smaller monitor!Have you got any idea for this BIG problem ??
It might be solved if you can do menus that always are shown and other that not, and this could be changed by the user in a context menu with a right-clic in the menu, or something like that. I'd like to see a screenshot with this feature, with applications running (I know this proyect isn't done, I talk about an "emulation" of what it will be ;)).

I'd like a reponse please.

PD: Appologies for my bad english. A spanish KDE-Gentoo-user.

"No worry be happy" - Dec 19 2002