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Edson Caetano , Brazil
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May 19 2006
Ok, dude! Yes, i using anti-aliasing feature off, not so bad with font size 8 (windows-like) great job and don't stop (by the way, i am due to stop to annoyng you :^> )!!! An gtk2-engine (using Cairo) could help something ??? - Oct 07 2005
hi, after change to your theme my system runs a bit slowly, open "system monitor" i saw xorg using 30% of CPU (viewing all processes), comparing with Industrial theme falls down to 9%. My system is a P4 1.7, 256 RAM, TNT2 M64 32 VRAM (using nvidia drivers). Some other "stylish" themes cause this CPU usage too. There is someting which can change this behavior? Best regards!!! - Oct 07 2005
disregard "atk", sorry. - Oct 03 2005
well, well, well... just to test i disabled the "anti-aliasing", using "monochrome" setting and the system run better than before... try it yourselves (pango, atk, xserver ???) - Oct 03 2005
i really like this theme, but in my machine run a bit slowly even my system using a nVidia TNT2 card with 32Mb VRAM (nvidia drivers installed under Ubunntu Breezy, GL screensaver run nice) ... There are something that can speed up (or my machine sucks ??? :^> )? Anyway, you do a beauty, beauty theme! - Oct 03 2005
Forget it bro! This is one of the most beauty themes in this site! Continuue to improve him, one thing which lacks in Gnome is a really good theme, sharp colors... Generally the colors used by the most of theme "creators" is so "vanilla-like", some themes are really good, but the color really make me "sad". (IMHO). regards to you all rom Brasil! - Sep 26 2005