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Pete Tirrell

Full Icon Themes by Scnd101 48 comments

Nice! Some icons off the bat that are still in color on my system:

Firefox (?)
Wireless network indicator

This is slick, though - keep up the great work! - Jan 20 2009
Alegre Ubuntu edition

GTK2 Themes by ugluck 10 comments

Great theme! I love the all dark theme - best I've found so far to darken my desktop. One question/problem:

On Firefox, my menu bar changed to the dark black color and looks great. But the bookmarks toolbar and the tabs are still the default grey. I think this is the first gnome theme I've tried that isn't gray-based, so I don't know if it should work or not.

I installed the Stylish plugin and script, but that just seemed to adjust the margins and the font a didn't fix the colors. Is there anyway to have the gnome theme affect all of Firefox? Or should I bring this up on the mozillazine forums? - Jan 06 2009