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Éderson Gomes Salvador, Brazil
Quasi Deepin Dark

Global Themes by caig 11 comments

Sorry to tell you but this look-and-feel is buggy on version 0.1. The icons are with problem and even when I choose a new icon, they don't appear on desktop. Only the icon sea from the Deepin Icons Collection work under KDE Plasma. The menu bar gets too big also. I use Plasma 5.12.6 - Jul 02 2018
Quasi Deepin Dark

Plasma Color Schemes by caig 2 comments

Can you make a Quasi Deepin Plasma color scheme to use with the Quasi Deepin Aurorae theme? - Jul 02 2018
Tiled Menu

Plasma 5 Menus by Zren 278 comments

Very good menu.

Could you create a Deepin Linux menu widget as you did with Windows 10?
I think you are able to do this. - Nov 11 2017