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Ed van Dorsten , Netherlands
Gnominus SVG

Full Icon Themes by mtax 83 comments

This icon theme is non-existing.
As you can see in the screenshot there are only 2 basic types of icons , terminal and folder , each one slightly adjusted. Now if I made a killer icon theme consisting of 1246 icons I would at least show-off a little more.
Until I don't see any other screenshot I consider this a very pathtic attempt at trolling.

- Jun 18 2010
Gnominus SVG

Full Icon Themes by mtax 83 comments

Frustration comes in sizes and shapes...
You Sir, are a disgrace to the Linux/GNU community.
By the way, congrats on the French results in South-Africa.
Now you got a real reason to hate Ubuntu.

:P - Jun 18 2010
Linux Muse - Thaleia

Wallpaper Other by MadeInKobaia 13 comments

Great stuff! - Mar 02 2010
Tack so mycket! - Feb 27 2010
Tux Cocktail - Lounge Series

Wallpaper Other by MadeInKobaia 30 comments

Love the backlight on the drink.
Good Job ! - Feb 23 2010

Window-Manager Screenshots
by flatcat

9   Sep 07 2011