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EugĂ©ne Suter , Portugal

Education Apps by michaltomlein 20 comments

Hi there!

First of all, great app!
I don't have any need for it myself, but intend to package if for the VectorLinux repos :)

I can also see it being useful in local schools here, so I want to know where to start with a translation.

I have Qt Linguist installed, but I'm not sure where to start (can't find any .ts files, other than the russian and slovak ones).


- Jun 15 2007

Video Apps by csgib 13 comments

Hi there,

Doesn't Manslide have any official logo or icon that can be used in menu entries?
I know this isn't important, it just gives the finishing touches though.

Great app by the way! :) - Jun 14 2007

Science by jwintz 2 comments

So where is the source code for Axel?
I've checked you homepage too, and I can't find any "tar.gz" source archive in the downloads section. All I find are binary packages... - Jun 13 2007
Wireless Assistant

Network by pnawrocki 287 comments

Will Wireless Assistant include WPA/WPA support in the near future?

Great app otherwise! - Jan 17 2007