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by FLOZz
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Jul 23 2010
ahhhh yes, that's what i was looking for. thanks so much. - Dec 03 2010
hmmm... i was afraid of that. could you perhaps then tell me where abouts decides how the image is cropped to fit into the cd graphic? in order for me to customize the display of cds i'd have to modify the placement values of the images so they fit properly on the music_bg.png.

thanks - Nov 29 2010
i was wondering if you have some sort of config file where i would modify the placement values of the album artwork within the background/foreground graphics you've supplied. i have custom jewel case graphics i'd like to modify to fit your application; i've scanned them myself and modified them to replace the ones that came with the default "cd box" theme for musicplayer in cairo/gtk-dock.

maybe there is one and i'm just not looking in the right place?

p s - thanks for the great script ;} - Nov 22 2010