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Alexandre Dzimi Mve Montreal, Canada
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Nov 13 2009
Actually, you can use QIrExpander project separately as major bugs concern QIrDock. You don't need QIron entirely. Good luck - Aug 17 2010
Thanks for your interest.

I will release QIron alpha in few hours (included documentations for some classes) .Actually, it's an alpha version just because it relies on Qt 4.6 (for QIrDock's graphics effects and animations) which is not released yet; otherwise, it's pretty much complete.

Do not forget to vote, please.

Regards - Nov 12 2009

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Nov 13 2009
Sorry for the delay. But this is gonna take much longer than I thought because I am really really really busy with other mode important projects and my work.

- Aug 12 2010
I am fixing all these widgets. Be patient please. - Apr 13 2010
Will check and fix it as soon as. But I am currently working on several projects. So please, give a weekend to handle your requests.

Regards - Feb 24 2010
I don't know what wrong yet. But, give me two days(max) to investigate it and I will drop a new release with fixes.

I know that the current version has some bugs that I already fixed but not dropped yet. Sorry - Feb 02 2010
Nice trick even though it won't work every well. Plus, your solution won't look very nice on Windows OS as Qt does not handle Qt::WA_TranslucentBackground properly (child widget won't be opaque as its parent is not, on Windows OS).

However, you can easily use the same code to create your own Dock for Desktop.

I will probably modify QIrDock to become a Desktop dock when it calls setParent(0). But for now, I tick to the current behavior.

- Nov 21 2009
This feature is not supported yet. - Nov 21 2009
It is partially complete. - Nov 21 2009
This is a qt private file. If you have the SDK only, you have to copy this file yourself in $(QTDIR)\include\Gui\private\ (you may find this file in $(QTDIR)\src\gui\image\). If you use Qt Creator, it should be Ok. This is a known issue on Linux and Mac. It is Ok on Windows OS. - Nov 21 2009
What's wrong with the last package? Build errors?

- Nov 21 2009
Try this ...


#include <QIrDock>
#include <QIrParabolicEffectManager>
#include <QIrStyledDockStyle>
#include <QApplication>
#include <QWidget>

int main(int argc, char * argv[])
QApplication app(&argc,&argv);
QWidget widget;

QIrDock * dock = new QIrDock(&widget);

dock->setSubStyle(new QIrStyledDockStyle);
dock->setEffectManager(new QIrParabolicEffectManager(dock));

.... Add some docklets here...;
return app.exec();
} - Nov 21 2009
I think you downloaded the wrong package. Try again. - Nov 20 2009
A new package with fixes is available. Enjoy! - Nov 20 2009
Hey I saw that too. The problem here is that Qt has removed the QGraphicsGrayscaleEffect class for the rc (it was there on 4.6 beta), so I will create my own Grayscale effect. A new version will be available tomorrow with the fixes. - Nov 19 2009
Thanks. - Nov 18 2009
Actually, the problem is elsewhere. I check it out. - Nov 18 2009
Yes, you need Qt 4.6 - Nov 18 2009
Hey guys, it sounds like everything is Ok. No comment, no bug report, no suggestion... I really like the fact you download it but, come on, sharing any ideas does not hurt. Actually, it will help me out for sure. - Nov 17 2009

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Nov 13 2009
Btw, what bug did you encounter? - Apr 13 2010
I am fixing all these widgets. - Apr 13 2010