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Sep 08 2011
I'll see what I can do about that. though I'm in the middle of focusing on a lot of rather large changes in it right now (improvements, of course), so whatever I write will likely be obsolete rather soon anyway.

Plan is for a user-writable sequence string allowing an arbitrary number of sequences. Instead of just date and numeric I'll be adding alphabetic, and string (optionally from file) as well. Date will be improved such that it can filter by day of week. - Sep 05 2011

Video Apps 17 comments

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Jul 01 2020
No more issues, I presume?
Oh, and thank you very much for creating the PKGBUILD for it! - Aug 05 2011
Okay, will do. (I guess I only missed this because I've very meticulous about making sure none of my files have spaces in them) - Aug 04 2011
I'm not sure which all distribution package it though, and it's just one file, so I figured it might be easier to just include it. - Aug 04 2011
The reason I missed that is because for me that's a system library (installed with the python-configobj package) - Aug 04 2011
Try re-downloading it ... within about 15 minutes of the upload I re-uploaded it because that file ( was missing. You must have been _very_ quick to download that file :) (I should have bumped the version, but I made the faulty assumption that nobody would have been so quick to download it) - Aug 04 2011
And .... Fixed. I think. - Aug 02 2011
Shoot, missed a couple of things. - Aug 02 2011

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Jan 20 2011
uh-oh. I suppose I didn't notice something. It looks like subprocess.check_output wasn't introduced until python version 2.7. Which version are you running? - Jan 22 2011
Cool, thanks for saving me the trouble(I run Arch also). Consider adding mplayer, mencoder, ffmpeg, and libdvdcss as dependencies also. - Jan 20 2011
Okay, that was vague, I meant to say that is a planned feature for mkv, not this app. - Jan 19 2011
I'm pretty sure that's planned but not currently implemented. - Jan 19 2011
Oops, guess I missed a couple of things. I'll fix that ASAP.

Also, hence far I've been focusing on making everything work correctly ... I haven't gotten around to making sure 'the user' is doing sane things yet ;) - Jan 19 2011
Hughesnet Status

Plasma 4 Extensions 14 comments

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Jun 02 2011
Well, uploaded to the same place again ... went through and did all the changes I was intending to save for later, hopefully it'll help. - Sep 18 2010
ah, I made a silly mistake, hopefully there won't be too many more ... fixed, same url. - Sep 17 2010
Ready to be a guinea pig? Hopefully it will work, here's what you need to do:

download this file:

unzip it

edit the file engine-fap-monitor/contents/code/

Change the username and password to what you would use when logging in (lines 11 and 12 of

Save changes

Run 'plasmapkg -t dataengine -i engine-fap-monitor' (the folder)

To test it, run plasmaengineexplorer, pick engine-fap-monitor from the list and see if it displays your usage data for the WildBlue source. - Sep 15 2010
I still need the _full_ source of the page after login. right click, view source :) - Sep 14 2010
Umm, I'll need the source of the page with the info (after login) so I can figure out how to extract the info from it. Also, the screenshot is giving me a 403 forbidden error. - Sep 14 2010
The URL seems to be absent... The URLs for and snapshots of the login and monitoring pages I definitely need to able to do it. I think I can get it to be login and retrieve the page automatically with python's urllib2. Should be easy. (though, I've never tried it before ... I'll need you to test) - Sep 13 2010
Maybe I can do something about that, but I'm not sure. How do you go about checking up on it with Wild Blue? (If possible, things like the URLs, and snapshots of the respective pages would be useful. (That is, unless there is a more intuitive way to get at the data) - Sep 12 2010

Plasma Color Schemes 7 comments

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Apr 21 2009
Oh, and by the way, I'm glad you like it :) - Jul 24 2009
Yes, I've known about this bit all along, but it's a bit of a troublesome problem to attack. The three colors that affect it are "Window Background", "Selection Background", and "Window Text". I have a similar problem with Amarok 2 also, as it, for the currently playing track, highlights in a similar manner with "Selection Background", and doesn't change the text color to something sane (ie: "Selection Text"). - Jul 22 2009
I've taken a look and it seems Akregator forces the blue for the links, you can change it by going to configure -> appearance (I know, not optimal, but what can we do eh?)

As per the unreadable Akregator unread on the system tray icon, that I *can* and have fixed, I think.

I also decided to fix up the Tooltip dialogs ...

Thanks for the feedback, and sorry for not replying sooner (email notification from would have been nice ... oh well.) - Apr 21 2009
Oxygen skin for Opera

Opera 21 comments

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Feb 20 2009
I'd been hoping somebody would pull together an oxygen skin for Opera. Thanks a ton man! - Dec 23 2008
Simple Smileys

by leothar

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Sep 23 2010