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GTK2 Themes 37 comments

by dwerg
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Jan 06 2005
Yes, I know. It's a thorn in my eye. Firefox and other mozilla related programs (basically all xul based programs) have the nasty habit of calling gdk directly instead of through the gtk theme. This is visible in the menu (lines all over the place, shadows where they shouldn't be) and progressbar (screwed up height in the call to the drawing function).

I've been trying to reverse-engineer what's happing here and looking for a simple remedy, so far not much luck. - Jan 31 2005
Good idea. - Jan 08 2005
Thanks for the kind words. I'm currently recoding the engine to make it a little bit faster and a lot cleaner.

I don't think the engine crashes anything, but it could be some strange bug. - Jan 06 2005
Yeah, the shopping list is the standard with the gtk-test. Besides beer is aways implicit (: - Jul 01 2003
Mmm, it looks like it was in .tar.bz2 format. I had the same problem on themes.freshmeat... It's fixed now.

Thanks for the warning. - Jun 30 2003
Thanks for the suggestion, I was in the process of doing just that. - Dec 11 2002
The font is verdana, it's one of the fonts from the standard microsoft font pack. You can find it on

I'm currently looking at the documentation of writing my own widget style for QT/KDE, but I'm having some problems with automake so I can't compile anything yet :( - Dec 07 2002
I've found documentation. - Dec 07 2002
An ever bigger problem is that I can't even find documentation on how to write widget style, so even programmers can't create a theme for KDE. - Dec 04 2002
I just thought of a really annoying remark about flatlanders... - Dec 02 2002
I've already sent it to - Dec 02 2002
I'm going to create a whole desktop with this theme so I guess there will be a 1.2 version along the line. - Dec 02 2002
Thanks - Dec 01 2002
I agree that this site should be primarily about KDE, so I'm glad there are people making sure it stays that way. No hard feelings. - Nov 30 2002
A lot of people fell in love with the window decorations in the screenshot from the crystal icons. This GTK theme was made to look like that. If someone creates a KDE theme to match it, you could have a consistant desktop. - Nov 30 2002
Crystal GT

Full Icon Themes 385 comments

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Jun 15 2007
by everaldo on: 10/28/2002, 22:24

it is a trillian ( with wine
with a skim that I am creating with to window decorations
[reply to this] [1 reply] - Dec 07 2002