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Benjamin Réveillé , France
Plasma 5 Monitoring
Fan Speed Monitor

Plasma 5 Monitoring 8 comments

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Jan 01 2020
OFF is normal behavior if speed is 0 (which happens if returned as 0 or undefined).
Thermal monitor does the same thing if Temp is 0
ui/TemperatureItem.qml: property bool isOff: temperature === 0
ui/TemperatureItem.qml: text: isOff ? i18n('OFF') : TemperatureUtils.getTemperatureStr(temperature, temperatureUnit) - Feb 03 2020
Out of curiosity what version of plasma are you using ?
I ask as Official Thermal Monitor stopped working for me at some point and so I had to patch it (see to get it to work in plasma >=5.17.4
I reused the same patches for Fanspeed-monitor. - Feb 03 2020
What version of plasma are you using ? I have the exact opposite behavior... Official Thermal monitor showing OFF for CPU Temps for eternity.
Must admit I have not tested GPU fan speed as I don't have one... Just coded it as I expect it to work based on what thermal monitor did...
What does "nvidia-smi --query-gpu=fan.speed --format=csv,noheader" return ? - Feb 03 2020