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Andreas B Munich, Germany

Audio Apps by duskman 16 comments

that error comes, when uint32_t is not defined.
seems, as is this only in libmtp.h defined... have this fixed and added this typedef in qtmtp_metainfo.h

sorry :/ - Jun 11 2009

Audio Apps by duskman 16 comments

oh shit *g*

have copied the devel directory and forgot the ^^

*fixed & new uploaded* - Jun 11 2009

Audio Apps by duskman 16 comments

Thank you for submitting this tool at Arch Linux :)

DuskMan - Jun 08 2009

Audio Apps by duskman 16 comments

configure & Makefile are fixed,
the configure script substitutes now "moc" in Makefile and all is fine without renaming or symlinking /usr/bin/moc.

Sorry ;) - Jun 07 2009

Audio Apps by duskman 16 comments

Do you use QT4.x ?

QT4.x is a requirement to install qtmtp,
moc-qt4 ships only with QT4 - sorry.

please try to upgrade - in ubuntu i've upgraded to QT4x
because of forwarding implentation of qtmtp which will be
support Phonon in later versions. - Jun 07 2009

GTK2 Themes by TheStructorr 8 comments

with latest SVN Version.

I've found 1 small Problem in theme - the tooltips
are always in black background and black font color,
this is strength to read the tips :D

But with this small fix, the theme looks good :)

DuskMan - Feb 23 2009

GTK2 Themes by zentili 52 comments

Yes, but with this package i've had the ugly theme from gnome too ... at my machine the theme works only with the downloaded self compiled svn version from

btw, the blue color when hovered over an element
is a good choice, but the white font is to light for this
blue ...looks better with a darked blue font
in my opinion ;) - Jan 04 2009

GTK2 Themes by zentili 52 comments

Have found a way to install a working murrine:

Do NOT install a SVN version, that is precompiled,
use the directly SVN version from murrine:

svn checkout murrine

do a

./configure --prefix=/usr --enable-animation
sudo make install
sudo ldconfig

this will work for all my murrine based themes ;)

greets - Jan 04 2009

GTK2 Themes by zentili 52 comments

With this link to latest Murrine SVN the theme doesn't work at all.

I've had another SVN Version from Murrine, have just installed this linked SVN version, and now no theme that is based on murrine SVN will never work - thats a shit :((

I'll try to find my previous SVN version to reinstall it
and will wait for an update thats public and for all
themes - there are to many problems and differences
in this engine provided by SVN versions :(

But, thanks for your work - looks nice ;) - Jan 04 2009

Beryl/Emerald Themes by dsmid 4 comments

Why does people download and install Linux, then on a second machine create cloned layouts with commercial software like Photoshop from several OSs'es and upload them all here ?

When Windooze or Mac is better than Linux,
then install one of these systems...
On windooze and Mac you can theme your
desktop too - you dont must install any other OS *lol*

Ok, some Themes looks like a great job, but without new innovation or ideas - and, i don't want to see every day a cloned theme from windooze or Mac :(

DuskMan - Dec 18 2008

GTK2 Themes by SpecKtacle 18 comments

Have found a working Murrine-SVN-Engine:

Works with your theme and progex themes too :)

Greets - Dec 01 2008

GTK2 Themes by SpecKtacle 18 comments

Sry for my question, but what SVN version you use ?

I've downloaded Murrine SVN from,
but the theme will not work at all :(

Can you give me a link to your murrine version ?

Duskman - Dec 01 2008

GTK2 Themes by gekos 6 comments


I've tryed 2 versions of your theme, every theme
looks fine in a window ...

the menubars and menus are not the same as in
other themes they try to imitate L&F of OS X.
Your menubars have a to big font scaling, and the
menus are to big in widget sizes.
And ... menuitems have to many space between the

In your latest release, i can' see a change to older versions....

Duskman - Nov 29 2008
Clearlooks Blue

GTK2 Themes by duskman 3 comments

Yes, you're right - i've wrote the description text and forget this ;) - Nov 15 2008