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Danas Augutis Vilnius, Lithuania

Browser by wdgt 12 comments

1/ I think we mean the same. Idea was to do similar like opera does with speed deal. All new tabs are display same view with bookmarks.

2/ In my case I have ~100 bookmarks not all of them are used each day, and its hard to find it in some cases even in bookmark view :). Idea is to have horizontal strip in top of page with favorite (most used) bookmarks. Looks like google chrome already did it. Check it out:
I don't like konquerors bookmarks toolbar because it wastes space in my tiny 14WXGA monitor :)

There are more interesting approaches in google chrome. One of them can be called "kio_history". A web page showing history. Very simple designed and easy to use.

I'm not suggesting to imitate google chrome. It simply has some fresh-air ideas we can use in our loved Konqueror. - Sep 11 2008

Browser by wdgt 12 comments

This is really cool add-on to Konqueror. It should become default window one day to Konqueror. I have some ideas how to improve it. Hope you like it:
1. It deffinately should be option in every new tab to open bookmarks:/ instead of empty tab. This would be very user friendly: one click new tab icon and second on bookmark you want (old way -1 click new tab, 2 click bookmarks, 3 click bookmark you want (min 3 clicks)
2. it would be nice to have something like favorite bookmarks toolbar in bookmarks:/ The logic is simple: we do need bookmarks in new window, but we don't need them after entering the website. Konqueror's bookmark toolbar is visible all time. this one will be visible only on emty page. So we can save some screen for browsing. I imagine it can be horizontal line with top 5 or 10 most used bookmarks on top of page.
3. Using bookmarks:/ I realized how much garbage i have in my bookmarks. It would we nice to have ability to copy/move, delete bookmarks in this view. I think it would be even better approach than existing bookmarks manager. Maybe editing mode should be not default one to avoid accidental changes but it can be something like plasma supports now - lock- unlock icon somewhere. - Sep 11 2008
Kirocker Music Display

Audio Apps by Sebien 324 comments

Great app Sebien. Everything you touch turns to gold. Thats amazing what you are doing. Basket note pads are one of the best apps. Now Kirocker Music Display!

Hope one day someone will hire you to work for KDE full day!! - Oct 22 2007

Science by beam 71 comments

Any chances to find Ubuntu package?

I did'nt magage to configure it from tar.gz - Jun 14 2007
Idea to have Amarok Full screen in RC is great. I was thinking about it since amarokFS release.

Few comments:
1. The shortcut in L-CTRL+Ü in English keyboard is L-CTRL+[(for non German users)
2. You can create shortcut for starting amarok and use it in *. e.g. amarok is not started by default and you want to do that remotely.
3. control is missing. You can add it:
C - ban (Ctrl+B)
7 - skip (CTRL+K)
8 - love (CTRL+L)

I think this RC has great potential to e the best one. - Jun 12 2007
Amarok Full Screen

Audioplayers by comar961 272 comments

It think it would be great if this small program will act like screensaver when amarok is running

It is idea about active screensavers in KDE4 brainstorm:

I think this program can be one of the best such screensavers - Jun 01 2007
BasKet Note Pads

Utilities by kelvie 347 comments

You should have:
libgpgme11-dev for encyption and
kdepim-devfor kontact integration

installed in kubuntu to have full features of BasKet - Mar 05 2007
BasKet Note Pads

Utilities by kelvie 347 comments

How to integrate BasKet whit Kontact - Mar 05 2007
BasKet Note Pads

Utilities by kelvie 347 comments

I think in future basket shlould change to do list. I like how the program works.. - Mar 05 2007