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Gnome Extensions 376 comments

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Aug 03 2017
It is possible to get the same thing going by using maximus (from ubuntu netbook remix). Having that installed and checking gconf-editor-> apps>maximus>no_maximze will do the same as the method with compiz.

Good luck! - Jul 17 2010
1st, nice project thumbs up!

I'm using emerald with the line:

Any & !(state=maxvert & state=maxhorz)

So emerlad is not used when i maximize the windows, but when I am de-maximizing the windows emerald dies and doesn't draw any decorations at all.

The applet is installed from the 32-bit deb on jaunty. - May 10 2009

GTK2 Themes 17 comments

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May 25 2010
Now I could replicate this. I can't do anything about the cursor, but the selected text will get a fix in the next version, which will be a little bit due since I've got a lot on my hands right now... - May 31 2010
It seems like I can't duplicate the rename-bug. Which version of nautilus and cursor do you use? - May 27 2010
I'll check it when I come near my box.

The text in menus have a low contrast, it fits for some screens, while it's worse on others. I'll keep that in mind. - May 27 2010
Yes, in fact that was my first thought too. But I wanted to try this anyhows to get the feel of it and get others opinions too. So thank you. - May 27 2010
I'll check if I can replicate this. Most parts are pixmaps but some are murrine. - May 26 2010
You're probably right. I'll look in to it. - May 23 2010
It's elementary, but the icons in the toolbar are a part of the gtk-theme. Check WoW-theme for original author. - May 22 2010

GTK2 Themes 90 comments

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Jun 27 2010
Hi. Nice work. I have one question, inside the package it states that the theme is gpl, but on this page it saya CC. Which is it, could be could to know since I've just posted a mod of your work, and thought I have to tske it offline... - May 21 2010
M Class - Alpha release

GTK2 Themes 13 comments

by Dies
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Feb 03 2010
I use a custom gtkrc to get totems fullscreen controlls dark when I otherwise use a light theme. So this is really a good idea.

If you have coding skills I would suggest that you make a script that lets the user define which parameters apply to which application. Different people have different needs, and I think that it would be frustrating to not be able to choose for one self. - Dec 20 2009
Inter Vivos

Metacity Themes 2 comments

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Dec 04 2009
It is an alias in .bashrc that runs a shellscript I found at:

It is only on line of code...
dig +short txt ${1}
- Dec 05 2009
Aurora Mix

GTK2 Themes 12 comments

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Oct 03 2009
And this font could be found where? I wanted it myself but couldn't find it anywhere... - Oct 04 2009

Conky 7 comments

by diexe
Score 58.0%
Jul 29 2009
Way to go! - Jul 28 2009
Would be even greater if it was possible to change amount of launchers! - Jul 25 2009
Drakfire Evolution (white-black tray)

Full Icon Themes 45 comments

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Dec 13 2009
Seems nice, but the link is not working for the theme. The deblink works fine though. - Jun 06 2009
Olona & 2Late

GTK2 Themes 31 comments

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May 24 2009
HADOPI commented at a swedish forum.

How can the filesharing be considered illegal if no juridicial trying have been made? - May 14 2009
GnoMenu - consolidated menu for gnome

Various Gnome Stuff 146 comments

by Whise
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Aug 29 2011
A very good upgrade.

Thank you very much. - May 12 2009

GTK2 Themes 8 comments

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Jun 03 2009
Would be even nice if the menus were dark, dark grey though. :) - Apr 29 2009
Random Wallpaper SlideShow Installer

Various Gnome Stuff 5 comments

by dzupd
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Apr 24 2009
Now it works fine. Thank you. - Apr 25 2009
The line of code that the syntax error refers to:

if (( a < (dmax+1) )); - Apr 24 2009
My terminal output, somthing is funky in zie code I think:

./Borednomore: 627: Syntax error: "(" unexpected - Apr 24 2009
Svett - in progress

Icon Sub-Sets 18 comments

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Apr 10 2008

I have sad news. It has been a while since I have uploaded anything new to this set. Now my hdd and backup- cds have vanished and if I do not find them this project will be discontinued...

We will see. If I find them I will upload all that I have... - Mar 28 2009
Thank you for sharing your thoughts. And I agree with you. But I intended to expand the pack and see which icons I will replace.

And if anyone wonders, the count is up to 37 icons... Yet not posted. :) - Apr 15 2008
Thank you for your comment. And I know that consistency is hard to maintain through a larger project, so well se how it ends up. :) - Apr 11 2008
...guys (and girls?) for your supportive words. Inspires.

:) - Apr 08 2008
Thank you Rob!

Keep up your good work!

btw, I deleted the duplicates... My bad. - Apr 05 2008

GTK2 Themes 24 comments

by sora
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Apr 09 2009
Thank you very much! - Mar 26 2009
album art? - Mar 26 2009
WoDaC Light

GTK2 Themes 6 comments

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Apr 06 2009
What on gods big green earth is that thingy displaying beyonce?! I do not in deed fancy her, but it is all reflectionism ans blurism and amazing sweetness to the eye.

Where, how, when? Me want. - Mar 24 2009

Beryl/Emerald Themes 2 comments

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Aug 27 2008
Thank you.

Seems like at least two persons like it.


44% level LOL! - Aug 24 2008
Pidgin Oxygen Style

Icon Sub-Sets 9 comments

Score 58.0%
Jul 05 2008
Super-nice.Very well done, I've tried to achieve something like this myself, but I lacked skills. So, thank you. - Jul 06 2008
Perfect Clock for Linux

Conky 24 comments

by Whise
Score 63.3%
Jun 15 2008
Right on, as always!

If I had paypal I would donate like mad, since you are one of the great contributors.

Thank you! - Jun 16 2008
Score 50.0%
Feb 13 2010

If you want some GUI-help or with theming I can assist. But code I can not, heard it is the path to the dark side...
- May 09 2008
This project looks really promising!

I have two requests, even if I don't know if the first is possible to implement.

(1) A jump to / filter control. That would only play files containing that i want, or that I could jump to a certain song. Like "J" in winamp.

(2) Cover art. Bling-bling is always nice.

Good mate. - May 08 2008
vision (codename inspiration)

GTK2 Themes 218 comments

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May 30 2008
This was a nice surprise. Especially the vertical gradient is very original.

Redefine the min/max/close buttons and you have my full support. :)

Just joking, good work. - May 02 2008
Chocolate V1.0

GTK2 Themes 46 comments

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May 04 2008
Very nice. And kudos for that unique panel. You must be having an above average IQ.

Thank you for this work! - May 02 2008
Shiftie Black

GTK2 Themes 13 comments

by Hund
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Apr 30 2008

This is pro-work. - Apr 30 2008

GTK2 Themes 33 comments

by metak
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Sep 01 2008
The menus and the panel is fab. Original, clean and modern. The window decorator is a little bit too vistaish for my taste, but the rest - yum! - Apr 30 2008
mary ann's elegant file icons

Icon Sub-Sets 17 comments

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Apr 23 2008
ultra-nice. - Apr 24 2008

GDM Themes 12 comments

by Seppe
Score 58.6%
Jan 30 2008
Good work! Best GDM to this day! - Jan 30 2008
Viva (codename Espoo550 alpha)

GTK2 Themes 4 comments

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Jan 20 2008
Unfortunately I can not help you. It was downloaded from but I do no longer remember the name of it... - Jan 27 2008
Black & Copper Battery

Icon Sub-Sets 11 comments

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Feb 03 2008
Very, very nice! I disagree, and think that the realism is a good thing. The socket looks just a little too brown for my taste... But great work! - Jan 27 2008
Black Bluetooth Icon

Icon Sub-Sets 3 comments

by Yahya
Score 50.0%
Jan 24 2008
Superb! - Jan 24 2008
Score 50.0%
Aug 27 2007
Sweet. Word from the great father of all good lets. - Aug 27 2007