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Scott W
Great Screenlet if only a few bugs were fixed.
1) CPU meter is inaccurate.
2) Doesn't lock when checked
3) Doesn't stay behind when checked. Always on top.

If these were fixed, this would be perfect. Great job. - Jan 12 2011

Wallpaper Other by boomshop 128 comments

This is just amazing work. Thank you so much for making this available. - Jan 10 2011
This is a great little widget but for some reason it seems to ignore Tuesday and put all of those entries into Wednesday. Unfortunately because of that, I can't rely on it. I love how you can select the amount of days ahead to show. Once the Tuesday bug is fixed it will be perfect.

- Jan 09 2011
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Apr 30 2013

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Apr 30 2013
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Apr 30 2013

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Apr 30 2013