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Dromedary Dromedary
Linux & Jesus

Wallpaper Other by gregorskrt 11 comments

i agree with what's been said... and seeing how the title of the image includes the word "jesus", those who do not believe in God can safely avoid the post. IMO no harm no foul. if christianity isn't your thing, that's fine. there's nothing wrong with fellow christians sharing theirs. - May 06 2004
Linux OR Xp

KDE Plasma Screenshots by mdshreenath 5 comments

heh, i agree... everyone doesn't have to be OMG ITS LINUX GET TEH WINDOWS AWAY! you can have some fun with linux for it being linux indeed and having the power to completely immitate another OS, that's the power of linux IMO (well, depending on how you look at it). i think it's very impressive as to "mock" windows because windows can't look like linux unless they use blackbox that's been ported to windows -- and even then it's fake compaired to the way linux does it.

lighten up guys, that's some excellent work there... and it would kickass to have a theme like that so that when i go to a lan party i could grab the attention of those around me :) - May 02 2004