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Nautilus Scripts by drm200 2 comments

I'll try to address your questions:

standalone version? ... I'm not certain about the question .. but flac and lame must be installed for it to run. I chose not to have the program do the download & installation automatically. Once flac and lame are installed it should run on the standard Ubuntu installations and hopefully others.

screen size: ... i believe the xprop command "NET_WORKAREA(CARDINAL)" is for the root window of the monitor that currently has the focus of the mouse. You can see this by running the command "xprop" in the terminal. xprop is then exploring the windows of the monitor that has the mouse focus. But I don't have two monitors to test out what happens for dual monitors ... so your idea of grep -m 1 may add a safety net. I'm going to do some more investigation.

I'm new to linux .. I've been migrating from windows for about 1 year now ... I wrote the program because I didn't find something that provided the flexibility I was looking for by point and click ... I'm retired and am writing the code more as a hobby so I've spent alot of time on this over the last 3 weeks .. At this point my only linux editor is gedit. It seems to work ok (but chokes when I tried to open large data stream files). I did have to download a hex editor when some simple code kept failing ... gedit would not show the "backspaces" in a saved flac data stream ... and the hex editor allowed me to see the "backspaces" and fix the code problem.

I don't have any experience with nemo so can't say if it will work. However, I've tried to use only common linux/bash commands so that it would run as widely as possible ... I appreciate your feedback and anyone elses regarding where it works and where it doesn't.
- Oct 28 2015