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Advanced Radio Player

Plasma 5 Multimedia 45 comments

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Jan 31 2020
on the page of the desired station, open the site inspector (Ctrl + Shift + I), start the player and look at the stream that is constantly loading. Then right-click on it and select "Open in a new tab." If the page with only the player opens, then this is the correct URL (you need to add it to the widget). - Feb 09 2020
There are really many stations on the website, but the address of the radio page is not the address of the radio stream. For example: the page address is, and the stream address is This one needs to be added to the widget. The address of the stream can be seen in the source code. - Feb 09 2020
Good afternoon. Thanks for the feedback. You can search for stations in the search engine for "internet radio". As an example, you can see it here:
In the future I plan to do a search for radio stations (if they are not limited by license). - Feb 09 2020
Thank you for your feedback.
1. I will try to make it to the next release (optional).
2. I've been thinking about this for a long time, but for now I do everything locally (it's easier to test). - Feb 06 2020
Good day. Can you help with export / import testing? If interested, write to me on the mail . I will send you a version with a test backup function. - Jan 24 2020
/.config/plasma-org.kde.plasma.desktop-appletsrc (right path)* - Dec 25 2019
Hello, thanks for the feedback. I'm just working on export / import configurations. While the settings are stored in /config/plasma-org.kde.plasma.desktop-appletsrc. As soon as I import / export stations, it will appear in changelog. - Dec 25 2019
I will look, but it seems that qml mediaplayer does not support this mode. In any case, I will report the results. - Oct 29 2019
Simple Radio Player is already exist ) - Oct 07 2019
Made changes for correct display of pictures (for radio paradise). When i have more free time, post sources on github. - Sep 06 2019
Thank's. I find bug with double space in artist and track name and i will fix it soon. - Sep 06 2019
Thank you for your feedback. The lastfm API is now used for image search and recognition. If the api does not find an artist or song, placeholder is displayed. I'll try to make an implementation specifically for radio paradise using the xml link you provided. Be patient, I'll try to do it next week. - Sep 06 2019
i add function for display artist cover (is possible) in tooltip. enjoy... - Sep 06 2019
Thanks for the feedback. In my spare time, I'll look at how to do the integration with the widget "Now playing" and the implementation of the display cover. I haven't uploaded the source code to the repository yet, but you can open it directly from /home/.local/share/plasma/plasmoids/org.kde.plasma.advancedradio/ - Aug 18 2019
Welcome: new update! - Jul 18 2019
Thank's. If you need improvements, offer me. - Jul 14 2019
Do you place an errors with start this in terminal?
- Jul 12 2019
Example Extension

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Apr 19 2019
Good day. You can show the link to API QML for Falkon Plugin. In particular, is interested how to add a JS script to the current page. - Nov 20 2019

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Feb 03 2020
Plasma 5 - Oct 25 2019
Good pack, but radio icon is missing. Please fix it ) - Oct 24 2019

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Sep 25 2017
What's font on screenshots? - Aug 13 2019
Simple Radio Player

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Jun 18 2018
ready: - Jul 12 2019
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Apr 20 2019
Thank's, I will try it. - Jun 07 2019
Hey. And where can I learn about the falcon API for qml (import org.kde.falkon 1.0 as Falkon)? Functions, methods etc. Sorry, for my bad English... - Jun 07 2019
mojave CT

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Dec 08 2019
This theme crashing kmail when i save/open attachment. So nice look ) - Feb 22 2019