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QtCurve 2890 comments

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Jan 16 2013
Hmm, I think KDE3 package is still pointing at 0.54.1 version not latest 0.55. - Oct 11 2007
Thanks for the script - Oct 01 2007
Hello, I get thi error while trying to install through checkinstall:
"(Reading database ... 131841 files and directories currently installed.)
Unpacking build (from .../build_20070925-1_i386.deb) ...
dpkg: error processing /home/dresnu/themes/QtCurve-KDE3-0.54.0/build/build_20070925-1_i386.deb (--install):
trying to overwrite `/usr/bin/cmake', which is also in package cmake
dpkg-deb: subprocess paste killed by signal (Broken pipe)
Errors were encountered while processing:

Any idea?

Thx - Sep 25 2007
Ah, yes ok thanks. I was trying to understand if I can run the kde4 version inside 3.5.

Anyway, I found out ;-) - May 15 2007
Does the latest (0.49) version work in kde 3.5.6?
I need qt4 libraries to compile right? - May 15 2007
Yeah, no problem with qtcurve. Must be some strange kde bug... - Nov 02 2006
As I said I wasn't sure if this was a kde or style thing. It probably has something to do with the composite manager in kde then(some strange artifact or something...).
Anyway, sorry if this was out of place here :-). - Nov 02 2006
Sorry for the above post, the link to the image is here: - Nov 02 2006
I don't know if this is a KDE bug or a style issue. I just noticed it with the latest update in the style though.
Submenus in Kmenu leave a visible trail while you hover past them. Take a look at what I mean here: . - Nov 02 2006
Nevermind, I solved this.
For anyone who has the same problem in ubuntu just install package "libgamin-dev". - Oct 13 2006
I have a problem installing the latest version (0.44.2) in kubuntu dapper (KDE 3.5.5).
I get this:/usr/lib/ No such file or directory
/bin/sed: can't read /usr/lib/ No such file or directory
libtool: link: `/usr/lib/' is not a valid libtool archive when trying to install.
I've tried installing fam but found out that it's been long set aside in favor of gamin in ubuntu and installing it would uninstall almost everything in my box. - Oct 12 2006
Very good update and nice new features. I spotted a small bug though :-D.
If you change the menu colors once and then you want to change colors again you can't do it directly because if you pick another color and click OK in the style menu the apply button then remains greyed (as if you hadn't changed anything).
So to change colors after you already set some custom ones you have to first deselect the option, apply the changes and then reselect it with the new colors.
I hope I made my self clear, ;-).

Keep up the good work, Cheers! - Sep 24 2006
Ok, thanks ;-) - Jul 13 2006
In the KDE version there's a bug in the sliders colors. I can select a custom color from the list but when I apply the new settings the sliders color always returns to black! :-( - Jul 13 2006
I get alot of these errors: "error: 'titleLabel' was not declared in this scope
qtcurveconfig.cpp:278:". Couldn't send the whole error list because it's too long! - Jun 10 2006
QtCurve (KDE3) Kubuntu package

KDE 3.5 Themes 49 comments

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May 14 2008
Hmmm, what do you mean?
Are you talking about the repositories? - Jun 30 2007
I have compiled and packaged it for gtk, look at the last link. Hope it works as I can't test it right now. Also I can't promise I will update on a regular basis as I do for the KDE themes. - Apr 07 2007
Thanks, but send your positive feedback to CraigD on the original QtCurve post. He is the creator/maintainer of the theme, I just make these packages for kubuntu :-) - Mar 12 2007
There you go. I had in mind to upload when I upgraded to the new version because I knew someone might request it, I just didn't know where to host it.
If the rs link goes down I 'll re-up it. - Mar 12 2007
Done. Thank you. - Dec 20 2006
After installing you should be able to see qtcurve in the selection list. You don't need to install the theme from theme manager, just install the package.
Are you running Edgy(6.10) or some older version of kubuntu? - Nov 23 2006
Actually I meant this link:
You will find some debs there, download the KDE one.
Also if you want to compile a theme on your own you will need packages "build-essential" and "kdebase-dev". - Nov 22 2006
Hmmm, that's strange... maybe there is some problem with the latest package I've uploaded, I can't think of anything else right now.
Try installing GuSArg's KDE version of the package from the link listed in the description. It's probably a slightly older version but nothing really dramatically different.
He creates packages in an other way so we 'll see if that works with you. - Nov 22 2006
Hmmm, yeah that's pretty ugly. You should probably refer to the style's creator for these issues though because this doesn't seem to be a packaging problem. Check it out here: if you haven't already done it.
Cheers! And hope it get's solved as soon as possible! - Nov 01 2006
Alright, thanks alot. I've just uploaded the amd64 package, not the 386, on this page in order not to create confusion. I have nevertheless put a link to your page. Thanks again, I'll try to learn how to build packages the "right" way too when I have a little time. - Nov 01 2006
Yeah, these packages are still being built with checkinstall. I don't have the time now to document myself on how to build them the "right" way.
But If you send me those packages of yours I'll be glad to integrate them in this same page.
Just drop me a mail with the files ;-) - Oct 27 2006
Well, you can try it and see what happens ;-) - Oct 13 2006
Well I don't have it either in the "Use another style" drop list but it works just fine if I select "Use my KDE style in GTK applications". Dunno. - Jun 18 2006
Does it work if you use the console method? - Jun 15 2006
Hm, sorry I can only compile i386 packages.
But hey, you could do that! ;-) What you need to be able to compile is the build-essential and kdebase-dev packages and then checkinstall in order to create a .deb file after compiling.
Just get the sources from the original QtCurve post and try it!
You'll make some athlon64 guys happy :-D - Jun 15 2006

Chat & Messenging 100 comments

by mattr
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Jul 13 2006
What happened to the sms protocol? After upgrading kopete to version 0.12.1 I can't send smss' using smssend as I was able to do with the previous version. - Aug 07 2006
firefox like finder bar for all kde apps

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 12 comments

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Mar 05 2006
A similar feature is already available in konqueror when used as a web browser. Just press "/" (which can also be used in firefox instead of Ctrl+F) and you 'll see down on the left that it says "Starting -- find text as you type". It then works exactly as in firefox, and you can jump from one result to the other with F3. - Feb 21 2006
Karamtop with Zion background

Karamba & Superkaramba 2 comments

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Sep 26 2005
Thanks alot for your comment! I was a little worried that you might have been (possibly) mad at me for publishing a theme that is almost entirely a copy of yours, but I find Karamtop to be one of the most useful tools and I just adapted it to the Zion theme which I use for the other sensors. - Jun 21 2005