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Michael Zanetti
Plasma 4 Extensions
Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements
Veromix - volume control / soundmenu

Plasma 4 Extensions 269 comments

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Jun 14 2012

thanks for this. Its very nice except that its quite hard to use it on a high resolution screen with high DPI. Here's a screenshot: - Nov 17 2012

System Software 116 comments

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Jan 12 2010

Thanks a lot for this!

Is there any progress on integrating this module into upstream KDE? IMHO this is a basic feature that should be available out of the box. Since there isn't any depency on the synaptics driver any more, I guess it wouldn't take much to convince KDE people to pick it up.

For KDE 4.5 systemsettings has changed a lot. You may want to add the following line to the the .desktop file:


This would move it from "Lost and found" into "Input devices".

Cheers - Jun 23 2010
Mythrow mythTV theme

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles 1 comment

by dobee
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May 08 2009
Hi, the screenshots looks nice. I have tried it but it desn't work on my mythtv-0.21-fixes installation. The selected menu entry is not shown here.

IMHO it has too few contrasts between windows. For example the popups cannot be distinguished from the rest of the screen. Perhaps you could add a gray or white border to the windows.

Also I'm not sure if is the right place for mythtv themes as mythtv desn't have anything to do with kde. I don't have a better idea though...

Anyways, good start! - May 08 2009

Be-Shell/Bespin 1662 comments

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Apr 25 2013
AFAIK there is no official package avaivalble yet. But for example ArchLinux provides svn packages that automatically check out the latest revision on each update. I'm sure can find something like that for your distribution too. If not, compiling bespin is not a big deal either. - Apr 01 2009
I have all hacks turned off but it crashes nevertheless... - Mar 12 2009
Tust to add some more info:
The crash does not happen if crossfading for tabs is disabled.

The issue must be sitting in the combination of KHTML trying to render a page that is not shown yet because of the crossfade effect. - Mar 12 2009
Hi! I really like this theme. Great work! Thank you very much.

However, since I have activated the bespin style I get lots of KHTML related crashes. For example when opening a link in Akregator using the internal browser part, my whole kontakt crashes. Also when selecting a different Tab in Konqueror leads often to a crash. I do not have this crashes with the Oxygen style.

You can download a Backtrace at
This happened when clicking on a link in Akregator.

I'm using KDE 4.2.1, Qt 4.5.0 and Bespin rev. 419 - Mar 12 2009
Free Music Charts

Amarok 2.x Scripts 14 comments

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Mar 23 2012
It seems that either the amarok script installer or your package is broken. If I try to install it using the script manager I get the message "Installed successfully" but it doesn't appear. Please add a description how to install it manually until this issue is fixed.

Great idea btw! Keep on pushing free music! - Oct 18 2008

Network 84 comments

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Jan 18 2009
No... My solid installation seems to be completely broken...

I'm running kdelibs and kdebase from trunk. Updating every weekend. It must be a configuration issue. But I can't find any configuration file and the systemsettings solid part doesn't seem to let me configure something (except switching between "Bluez" and "Fake Bluetooth"). - Jul 10 2008
Some additional info. KBluetoothd (from kde3) works and Konquerors KIO-slave for bluetooth:// in kde3 works also.

So Bluez and hardware is set up correctly. - Jul 08 2008

Thanks for your effort on this.

It guess the whole thing uses solid for its communication with hardware.

Somehow my solid installation seems to be completely broken. KBluetooth4 doesn't work here. It stays in offline mode.

If I enter "solid-bluetooth listadapters" in Konsole I get no results. Any ideas what to do? I'm not so familiar with solid yet. - Jul 08 2008
Kopete buddy pownce

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 5 comments

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Jun 13 2008
Yes this is possible to implement and should be fairly easy...

Anyways... I daubt the usefulness for this plugin. If a message is sent when the other user is offline it's most likely the last "bye" message that got lost. If you would like to abuse instant messaging as an offline communication service you could write a mail as well... Kopete already has the ability to send a mail to users directly through your contact list. - Jun 14 2008
Kopete OTR Plugin

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 57 comments

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Mar 03 2008
The KDE 4 port is work in progress. It is basically working but all the icons etc are missing.

It isn't ready for end user use yet. I will update this section as soon I release the first kde4 version. - Jan 18 2008
This is a big problem with user reports... The stack trace doesn't tell anything if they haven't enabled debug. But if you find a reproducible bug and you can explain exactly what you are doing to reproduce it, this will halp the developers.

But for sure you shouldn't report bugs if you are 5 versions behind because this bugs will most likely been fixed already. - Nov 26 2007
Is this crash still coming from 0.2?
What were you doing when it crashed?
Please add debug output to the build as the stack trace isn't telling anything about the crash. - Nov 23 2007
Work in progress... - Nov 08 2007
Sorry... The link was still pointing to the older version.
Now it is corrected. - Sep 10 2007
The opportunistic mode tags outgoing messages with whitespaces. If the other client receives this tags it should start a private conversation. For this reason it depends also on the other side whether opportunistic will work or not. If the other side has set the policy for example to manual or never it won't encrypt automatically. - Aug 21 2007
It seems that you have mixed two different versions of the plugin. Make sure to uninstall the old version before installing the new one. - Jul 28 2007
What newline problem do you mean? - Jun 27 2007
Yes you can keep your keys from gaim:

cp ~/.gaim/otr.private_key ~/.kde/share/apps/kopete_otr/privkey
cp ~/.gaim/otr.fingerprints ~/.kde/share/apps/kopete_otr/fingerprints

You can also copy the keyfile to another computer but be aware of unauthorized access to this file. To keep in sync the known fingerprints you would need to mount this directory but I think that causes too many troubles. Also your private key would be submitted over network on every program start. So think twice before you do this. - May 02 2007
Please add ~ppc to the keyword list. I developed the plugin on a ppc so I'm quite sure it runs on this architecture ;) - Apr 02 2007
Thanks! I updated the link in the download section. - Apr 02 2007
Thank you!

I linked the package in the download section. - Mar 23 2007
Th missing text int the menu is already fixed. When I've done some more points of my ToDo list I will release verion 0.2. But its too early right now. - Mar 23 2007
Just click on the icon in the toolbar of your chatwindow and select "Enable OTR". The plugin generates automatically all the needed keys. - Mar 22 2007
Search for the other installed kopete plugins and verify if they are installed in the same location as kopete_otr.
Also note that I've never tested the plugin on kopete versions older than 0.12.3. - Mar 22 2007
Probably you need to set the --prefix flag to configure.
I don't know where it is on debian. On gentoo for example it is "--prefix=/usr/kde/3.5/" - Mar 22 2007

System Software 44 comments

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Nov 17 2007
I just saw I had a typo... It works now here. Patch is on the way.

Thanks you very much for this cool app! - Nov 16 2007

Yes... the share is user readable. In fact is even user writable. Yes, I can browse it with konqueror/dolphin

if I type the following into Konsole i get nothing:

dreadhead@Shadow /mnt/backup/Shadow $ cd /mnt/backup/Shadow; ls -lt --color=none | cut -f6- -d" " | grep -

Here is the output if I remove the grep at the end:
dreadhead@Shadow /mnt/backup/Shadow $ cd /mnt/backup/Shadow; ls -lt --color=none | cut -f6- -d" "

Nov 16 03:41 daily.0
Nov 15 22:31 daily.1
Nov 15 22:07 daily.2

As it seems the different formatted date is the problem.

I get the right output with the following command:
dreadhead@Shadow /mnt/backup/Shadow $ ls -lt --color=none --time-style="+%Y-%m-%d %H:%M" | cut -f6- -d" " | grep -
2007-11-16 03:41 daily.0
2007-11-15 22:31 daily.1
2007-11-15 22:07 daily.2

Anyway, if I change the line 99 in file "retrospekt" to this:

open T, "cd '$BBD'; ls -lt --color=none --time-style=\"+\%Y-\%m-\%d \%H:\%M"| cut -f6- -d\" \" | grep - |";

it still doesn't work... Any ideas? - Nov 16 2007

It seems to ba a very cool App, but unfortunately it seems to not work here. I've set up retrospeKt using you install script. After that I set the directories to backup and the destination folder via retrospekt-config.

rsnapshot backs up successfully since 2 days now. But the context menu seems to miss the backup location. For example if I click "Move back in time" I get the message: "This directory does not exist in the backup".

If I click "Kompare" on a cerainly changed textfile I get the message: "This is the only version of this file".

Looking into the backup dir, I can see the dirs daily.0, daily.1 and daily.2. When browsing through it I can find the modified file in daily.0 and the original file in the others.

Running retrospect on a Konsole gives me:
BBD: >/mnt/backup/Shadow<
BD: >root<
loaded dcop: konqueror-5471 konqueror-mainwindow#1
Using cached dcop info...
# dcop konqueror-5471 konqueror-mainwindow#1 currentURL
url: /home/dreadhead/Downloads/retrospekt
backup: /mnt/backup/Shadow/daily.0/root/home/dreadhead/Downloads/retrospekt

This are the correct paths... I have to say that my backup folder is a mounted nfs share containig an ext4 file-system. Could this be the problem? - Nov 16 2007
Amarok Full Screen

Audioplayers 272 comments

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Mar 20 2007

The gentoo ebuild should be modified to support the ppc architecture. I just added the keyword ~ppc and compiled and installed it successfully on my Powerbook.

Great work,
thanks! - Feb 28 2007

by thomas12777

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Mar 12 2009