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Andrey Kuznetsov Almaty, Kazakhstan

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Thank you very much! :)
Now Klikit has Polish help and interface translation - special thanks to Dariusz Jakoniuk. - Apr 17 2009

Board by DrAndrew 6 comments

Now Klikit saves settings.xml and scores.txt into ~/.klikit catalogue. - Apr 16 2009

Board by DrAndrew 6 comments

Thanks for the first comment! :)

"You should add in preferences an option to set number of puzzles"

Maybe in future...

"I think Klikit should be in English as default language"

Oops! English is a programme's default language; that's my mistake: I have not removed from archive an old setting file. Now fixed.

"How to compile it with qmake-qt4 to made klikit keep settings in /home/user/.klikit?"

Done! ;) Click the last link to download an archive with programme's sources and binary with settings saving in ~/.klikit. - Apr 15 2009