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Chady Kassouf
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fade all but top window: possible?

KDE 3.0-3.4 Themes 13 comments

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Jan 15 2003
I think a better solution is to have a drop shadow for the topmost window ala OS X style.

I use Aqua, and sometimes the windows get lost within each other, having the focused window drop a small shadow behind it would be great. - Jan 20 2003

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by dotpl
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Sep 25 2002

It should be 'an "umodified"', not 'a "unmodified"'.

we aren't "unmounting=umount" here. Did you make a typo? - Oct 15 2002
yes.. sorry about that. but that's my current screen resolution, and I didn't find a section for it. - Sep 25 2002
the original unmodified is a hi-res CMYK .TIFF image, I'll have to resize it to fit here.. so it won't be the "original unmodified" anymore ;) - Sep 24 2002
My ScreenShot (OSX) (2scr)

KDE Plasma Screenshots 14 comments

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Sep 26 2002
We really should be working harder on creating original artwork.

KDE has a logo, so we better use it, chmop away all that apple, and break the freakin window.

I agree with KoRn.
although the screenshot is great, I don't think that copying other OS eyecandy is that good. - Sep 25 2002