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Sebastian Krzyszkowiak PoznaƄ, Poland
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Graphic Apps 40 comments

by dos1
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Dec 21 2012
It will, as soon as I'll have some time for it of course. In meantime - patches are more than welcomed :) - Mar 04 2012

Thanks for your input! Setting default window size is already on my TODO list for next major release. I've just added locking aspect ratio to this list, thanks :) - Aug 10 2011
You can configure resolution by hand in config file (check "man kamerka" in order to see how).

New version, with graphical configuration, is coming soon though :) - Jul 02 2011
You have Qt 4.7.0, and "QtQuick" is definied since Qt 4.7.1.

You can replace "import QtQuick 1.0" in first lines of src/*.qml files to "import Qt 4.7"; you can also use trunk tarball, as it's already replaced in git. - Jun 07 2011
Could you run it in console and check, if it shows any debug information? Seems like it couldn't load QML file with interface. Strange. - Jun 06 2011
Thanks! I'll fix that :) - Jun 06 2011
What's filename of your device node?

Kamerka uses /dev/video0 by default. If you want to override that, you can use config file, as described in manpage (man kamerka).

Configuration in GUI is comming soon ;) - Jun 06 2011
Please use tarball from trunk, I think I've already fixed that in git yesterday :) - Jun 06 2011
Most of them are already included in TODO - check link from description.

Its main goal is to be good looking Linux/KDE replacement for all those preinstalled webcam applications for Windows on laptops. You know, those vendor-branded utilities to take a photo or record short movie using integrated webcam. To be honest, that's why it is developed - my girlfriend needed something like that when she moved from Windows to Debian (and I wanted to learn QML too :) )

About dependencies: Phonon is only used to play sounds. To get image from webcam it uses V4L, to display it - Qt and to save photo - again Qt (simple call) - Jun 05 2011
Oh, I didn't consider such configuration.

Please change ${QT_PHONON_LIBRARY} to ${KDE4_PHONON_LIBS} in src/CMakeLists.txt and report here if it worked.

If it did, it will be fixed in next release :) - Jun 05 2011
I'm glad you like it, thanks for suggestions! :) Most of them were already on my TODO - I'll add it to project description. - Jun 05 2011

Plasma 4 Extensions 16 comments

by dos1
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Apr 20 2008
Who said that this plasmoid won't be able to use KRunner runners or something like that? This is very simply first version made after 1 hour: I think it's usable, few people too, so I am happy for that :) But it's always possible to make it better :) - Feb 11 2008
Thanks :) I've just added this page to project links :) - Feb 10 2008
I think it's problem with cmake. Try remove CMakeCache.txt file - I have this problem few times with compiling KDE from trunk. - Feb 10 2008

I think I'm tired: it is line 16, not 20.. - Feb 10 2008
Oh, I think I use property from trunk KDE 4.1 :D

At this moment please comment this line in plasma-runner.cpp:

Line 20:
setAspectRatioMode(Qt::IgnoreAspectRatio); // thanks to tasks plasmoid programmers

In next version I will remove it or I will make two versions - for KDE 4.0 and 4.1 :) - Feb 10 2008