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stefano ferri Pisa, Italy

Icon Sub-Sets by happygl 19 comments

cool :)

ps. what about manga? ^^ - Sep 19 2007
fusion splash

Gnome 2 Splash Screens by ronin3 2 comments

I prefere the original work signed "openartist" and I use it like splash screen. I think that the original is clear and impressive.

Sorry - Jul 03 2007
Compiz Fusion logo Idea 2

Compiz Themes by openartist 34 comments

Very nice! I think it's better then the official logo and I hope that it will be cosidered by developers ;)

ps. compiz-fusion is incredible! - Jun 27 2007
Take the Ubuntu !

Wallpapers Ubuntu by paozinho 2 comments

Good idea! But, can the ubuntu logo been integrated into the graphic? As if the girl was really tryng to pick up the toon logo :P - Apr 07 2007