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Michael Borisov

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Jul 31 2017

Am I right, you do not plan to change Skulpture to be compatible with Qt 5?

Thank you,
Michael - Aug 27 2013
Thanks a lot. I think the third one is the best. - Jun 30 2010
Just to let you know, I solved the problem. I just changed color themes in KDE settings, then saved QApplication palettes in files. So, now I have all KDE color themes in Qt.

The strange thing is I had to call QApplication::setPalette(palette) first and then QApplication::setPalette(palette, "QWidget"). Otherwise it does not work.

Another question, I see very nice color themes on your screenshots at

But it looks like those themes were not included to Skulpture sources. Can I get them somewhere? - Jun 30 2010
Well, it looks like it's not a style-related problem. What I mean, I would like to use KDE color schemes for Skulpture not only in KDE but also in Windows and Mac OS X. - Jun 29 2010
Several .colors themes come together with Skulpture (at least in Kubuntu). Those themes are very nice. And I would like to use them in my pure Qt (not a KDE) application. Is it possible to do that? Maybe I should somehow convert those files? - Jun 29 2010
I meant not corner widgets but widgets put to QTabBar using its setTabButton() method. - Mar 07 2010
There is a problem with QTabBar. When I put corner widgets to tabs they do not shift up when mouse is over. If I put just an icon to the tab, everything is OK.

Besides, the style is perfect. Thanks! - Mar 07 2010
Animated Clock

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Sep 01 2011
It points to https://sonja/hg/alarmclock3/archive/tip.tar.gz - Aug 13 2011
Link to the source code is broken. - Aug 13 2011

Application Styles
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Mar 07 2010
Score 58.0%
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