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Koen Spemonie
I'm new here.. is it possible to edit your posts and how?? :-s

Anyway, I forgot to mention: great screenlet!!
Thank you very much :-D - Jun 06 2008
In the directory where the screenlet is stored (like /home/username/.screenlets/Eurocopa), you will find a file called ""

Open it.
You will see on rule 40
url = ''

Copy that url and go to google translate @
Paste the url in the "url field" and translate it from spanish to your language.
now click on the "remove frames" link on the top rightcorner.
Copy the url from the page you are in.
Replace the url you copied in the file at rule 40 with this one. (for dutch: it looks like url = '')
Save it and restart the screenlet.
It will be translated! - Jun 06 2008