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Anthony Anthony Romano
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Gnome Kwin Vista

Gnome Screenshots 7 comments

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Jan 10 2006
Well for one it has include a much much much more mature compositing engine, Kompmgr

For two, other that that, it doesnt make any difference. Nothing else has changed. - Jan 11 2006
OS X emu

Gnome Screenshots 23 comments

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Jan 17 2005
launch xcompmgr like this:

xcompmgr -t -3 -l -12 -nc -r 8 -F

To get the effect I have - Feb 12 2005
1) It's ROX-Filer

2) just use the script they include in the cvs to add launchers and mappings to engage. - Jan 27 2005
Use battfink instead of battstat :) - Jan 27 2005
The shadow is made by xcompmgr, you need an XServer with the composite extension to use it.

The engage dock is in the englightenment CVS. - Jan 04 2005
The top bar has a bg background, and the "Accessories" and "Office" etc are drawers with transparent png's made so they look like text. The stuff on the right is all stock gnome status stuff modded to look like OS X. - Dec 22 2004
Gnome + Fvwm

Gnome Screenshots 5 comments

by saigo
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Nov 20 2004
Where can I find this wallpaper? Thanks. Awesome desk. - Dec 26 2004

Enlightenment Screenshots 15 comments

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Jul 28 2004
Well I use it every day :) - Dec 19 2004
If you notice I'm not running a visible gnome panel.

Also, I did have something to do with the arrows in Engage, they are part of the theme I applied, this way I can see easily which apps are running. - Aug 05 2004
For my Window Manager which is Enlightenment, I'm using the Winter theme

For GTK I'm using Milk - Aug 02 2004
It's engage, in the CVS trunk of E17 at - Aug 02 2004
E-Gnome Dropshadows

Gnome Screenshots 9 comments

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Aug 05 2004
fd.o should have install instructions on their site with the info on xserver. It even contains info on installing the xcompmgr. Once thats all installed start it up like they tell you and run xcompmgr with the -c option to enable client side shadows.

The CVS isnt stable or fast enough with xcompmgr to use. Just wait a few weeks for that one until all the bugs are ironed out - Aug 16 2004
Wallpaper is called "Distortion" I forget now where I found it

XMMS skin is a winamp skin called "Orbital" that should be easier to find

Drop Shadows require fd.o's Xserver. - Aug 12 2004
The bar on the top is my own creation that I'll release eventually :) - Aug 12 2004