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helena ricci
Blue ambience

GDM Themes by maitraya 12 comments

how do you install this on karmic 9.10 GNOME 2.28.1? - Mar 09 2010
Ubuntu clean xsplash

XSplash Themes by Maike05 6 comments

didnt like it. how can i uninstall it? - Mar 08 2010
ATER Cursor Theme

Cursors by Simzer 23 comments

can you make a lefty version of this? i really like it! i registered just to get something like this and this mouse theme pack is perfect! someone told me to look here and most themes have a lefty version but im finding this untrue and i just wonder if i can request if you can make that happen. thank you so much, i would appreciate it if you would. - Mar 04 2010