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Andre Goddard Rosa

System Software 1026 comments

by Sho
Score 86.7%
Mar 28 2018
I would suggest a new default key binding "CTRL+K" instead of the default "F12", which is too unconfortable to press. - May 10 2007
crystal xcursors

Cursors 125 comments

by mart
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Sep 15 2005
Fisrt, I must say crystal is marvelous!

Please, can the white theme be made more whiter?

Thanks!!! - Sep 17 2005
Can the white theme be made more whiter?

Thanks! - Nov 02 2004
I dont think that kcontrol uses make to create the files on the right positions.

Did you tried it before complain? - May 25 2004
In kde 3.2.2 you can use the kcontrol app, on the peripherals/mouse and make it import the theme automagically! - May 24 2004
A more whiter theme would be so nice...

Thanks for your great great work!!! - May 22 2004
Are you sure that you are logged with the same user that installed it?
For each user you have to run
make;make install
and it will create the directory .icons - May 22 2004
The white theme can be made whiter?

Thanks!!! - May 19 2004
Its nice to see you again, updating again your theme!!!

Very, very good!!!

I was anxous to see a new release!

Can you make an animated xcursor?

Could you make this default to KDE?

Thanks!!! You are still my default! - May 19 2004
Same problem here, same Fedora Core 1.

Did you found a solution? - Apr 15 2004
It is and will continue to be my
default theme.

Better that you changed that finger cursor.

Thank you very much!

What about including it in the official
KDE distribution??? - Mar 26 2004
Thank you Mart!!!!

Andre - Dec 14 2003


Andre - Dec 13 2003

I made the test with blueglass too.

Same problem, maybe the khtml used by konqueror is using hard-coded cursors, seems like it is not your fault.

I dont know why, but in the blueglass cursors directory there are files that you dont have, and vice-versa...
The blueglass directory has:

but these files dont appear in crystal cursors directory.

This is no problem?

Thanks for your help, Mart!!! - Aug 05 2003
Hi, Mart!!!

i continued investigating the problem and found this one:

In this page, its said that this is basically not a bug, as X
simply doesn't have the neccessary cursors, and can be effectively solved with
a few symlinks.

In this another, they show how to resolve the issue (list of symlinks):

I still have made no tests because I am not at home. As soon as I get there I will try this and report to you, ok?

Thanks for your response!!! - Aug 04 2003

I saw that posts and there they tagged the bug as RESOLVED.
I am not using KDE CVS and an updated QT. I use the distro Mandrake 9.1 default.
So I cant really comment any more because I dont have the latest sources here to test.

What I will do is making this test with other cursor themes and I will report the result here as soon as I test it, ok?

Do you mind if I contact you by email?

Thanks again, your xcursor theme is
very beautifull, it is my default!!! ;-) - Aug 04 2003
Ok, lets wait for some feedback from other users. :)

Did you cheched that problem that I had before with grabbing a frame under konqueror, reported here some time ago?

Thanks for your response!!! - Aug 04 2003
I suggest coloring the KILL cursor
to the theme color too.
Maybe a HAND cursor too???

What do you think, Mart?

(theme blue-> KILL blue,
... green..,
grayscale...) - Aug 04 2003

KDE 3.5 Themes 35 comments

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Jul 07 2004
Sad news...

He said that he will not back???

I am sorry about it, what happened to him? Pixie was so promising....

Someone knows his personal email? - Jul 08 2004
Looks like mosfet is back!?!?!?!

At least his/her site:

Check out there!!!! - Jul 07 2004
The Way that KDM should look

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 112 comments

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Mar 21 2004
Where can I get the background fro mkthe first screenshot?

Thanks! Really nice this proposal! - Jul 02 2004
Noia for KDE 1.00

Icon Sub-Sets 258 comments

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Sep 18 2003
Hi, have a problem with icon
for kcontrol when using the quick launch bar of kicker.

Look for yourself:
1) Put the quick launch bar on kicker.
2) Add the kcontrol icon on it.

Noia warm does not have this problem.


Carlitos!!! - Jun 12 2004
Hi, Carlitus!!! Its the 3rd time that I post this without reply. Please, Can you take a look at this problem?

I just noticed that is one wrong icon.

Please check the KCONTROL icon used when you add the kcontrol to the kicker quick launch.

In warm, the icon is OK, but in (cold?),
the icon is somewhat jagged.

Can you check this please?

Your icon theme is the best! - Sep 28 2003
Yes, I agree! - Sep 18 2003
Hi, Carlitus!!!

I just noticed that is one different icon.

Please check the KCONTROL icon used when you
add the kcontrol to the kicker quick launch.

In warm, the icon is OK!

In the default (cold?), the icon is
somewhat jagged.

Can you check this please?

Your icon theme is the best! - Aug 11 2003

Cursors 10 comments

by llom
Score 50.0%
May 21 2004
Looks nice, but it is still much little.

Xcursor is better! - May 21 2004
Amaranth Altheae

Icon Sub-Sets 35 comments

Score 50.0%
Jun 24 2004
They realy look cool!!!

They are smoother for the eyes then Crystal.

Thanks!!! Keep this work, I am certain
that will be the default icon theme for a
lot of people.

It is like NOIA + Crystal

Thanks! - Jan 21 2004

Utilities 8 comments

by jalal
Score 50.0%
Jan 13 2004
What a good idea you had!!!

It will be very very usefull!!!!

Why it is not on mainline yet?

Thanks!!!! - Jan 04 2004

Icon Sub-Sets 34 comments

by pirke
Score 58.0%
Nov 29 2003
I am looking forward for the complete set!!!

Thanks for your work!!!!

Andre - Dec 14 2003

KDE 3.x Window Decorations 100 comments

by ceebx
Score 50.0%
Aug 24 2003
Hi, Sandro!!!

I just replied the above question!!! :p - Aug 10 2003
Hi, Sandro!!!

I understand your point. If you didnt
have time, and you doesnt comply, I can kindly take a time to do the modifications that I told you, so we can deliver another windecor, more configurable, that all-in-one. :))
At this time I dont have much free time to do the modifications, but maybe next month I will have, because my study vacation will take place.

I am seeing a lot of positive feedbacks about configurable styles on the last comments on thinkeramik, so I think we must deliver one windecoration super-configurable, it doesnt need to call knifty, it can be another one, based on it.

I know that you are busy, so I can take that effort next month, probably. I think that even with that very configurable WinDec the performance will not drop considerably. (I am looking foward to see that beatifull efect used by thinkeramik and XP on the bar, that bright decoloration...)

What do you think? ;)

THANKS FOR THE HELP!!! - Aug 10 2003
Much of this can be derived from others windecorations.
If you liked some of these, don't hesitate in taking a tour on the others windecorations code. Lets reuse the public code!!! :-P - Aug 08 2003
Ohhh, just forgot to say that I liked that colored line too!!!

Its pretty!!!!! :) - Aug 08 2003
Hi Sandro,

I have to tell you that we already reached a point where I will be using
this decoration from now on.
This is already all that I want in a
window decoration, as someone said before on this forum, it has all features that I ever wanted in a windecoration but no one had this before.

That said, I think now I can make some more suggestions, adopt it if you like,
and if your timeframe permits. I know
that you have dedicated very much to
implement the user's opnions on this
(thanks for bug busting that weird bug
in Mdk 9.1).

So here are my 2 cents! :)
Remember that this is only to support a
natural evolution, we already are in a
point where no other windecoration have
all the features that we have.
* Implement configurations for:
--> Draw caption bubbles like thinkeramik windecoration (where you
can put the window icon inside the bubble). I think the work here relates
to discover what code do that and port it to Knifty
--> Draw borders around the buttons
--> Draw the buttons with a user configurable color (you can take a look at glow for this, but glow make the button colores only the focused, the idea here is a permanent colored button, like your windecoration alloy and XP)
--> Draw an gradient in the window bar, like thinkeramik and XP window decorations.

That said, I know this is a lot of work... So, do what you want _when_ you want. It is important too that all of this be configurable, as the actual state of Knifty is simple and some people are already satisfied with this as it is.
Im just keep the inspirations and innovation high _and_ keeping you VERY busy.... hehe ;-)

THANKS A LOT!!!! - Aug 08 2003
Thanks, Sandro! Now it is not eating the window in mdk 9.1!!!

I really liked all the work that is being done!

Keep up the good work! - Aug 08 2003
Hmmmn.. What do you think, Sandro?

I like this somewhat... I didnt noticed
that functionality is missing.

Do you think it is an improvement
as me?

I just checked some windecor, each one
function at their own way. Windows use

I liked the idea! - Aug 07 2003
sowing is showing and under is over. :) - Aug 07 2003
If I understood what you said, there is
a theme called thinkeramik here in
kde-look which does what you want.

Also, I think this is the case, there
is an configuration option on kicker,
that permits sowing the borders only when
the mouse cursor is under the border. - Aug 07 2003
I sent to you at - Aug 06 2003
The third one is alloy , here in

See themes and select the highest rates. - Aug 06 2003
Hi, Sandro!!!

I take the source for a tour and tried to do little optimizations.

I sent it to you by email, please review it and give me some feedback, please?

Andre - Aug 06 2003
What can I say about it, as my heart is already opened by Knifty? :)

WOW!!! Its reeeeeeally beautifull, usefull and configurable!!!

Im already getting it!!!!

Thanks again!!! - Aug 05 2003
Now its fixed!! it was not fixed yesterday as you noticed... my failure!

Ok, if you got my email, you already know this, but anyway..

I think that problem is related to an option under kcontrol->window behavior->TAB moving->allow maximized windows to move or resize (something like this).

Its because I use this option to doesnt permit maximized windows to show the window border.

I really think this has a closer relathinship with the problem...

Can you check this out?

Thanks for your help!! - Aug 04 2003
Judging by the incentives, it will
not be the case for lack of suppont
in KDE!!!! ;-)
It is the highest voted decoration already!

And the large linux and KDE community
thanks you with this high rate!!!

We all are winning making it the better!!!

Thanks to us all! - Aug 04 2003
While at kde-look I took a time
to see the highest rated kwin decor.

This already has 10% difference from the
second one in the ranking.

90% knifty
80% aqua OS K
79% mkultra

While analysing the features of the other
kwin decor, I found interesting the coloring
of the buttons in aqua. XP also has colored
buttons, so alloy...
It would be interesting if knifty uses also
some color to represent buttons. (like the aqua,
so CLOSE will be red etc...)

The Linux and KDE community apreciates your work,
confirmed by the hightest rate in the kwin decorations!!! - Aug 04 2003
There is an study: Linux nears Windows XP usability

Thanks for the link!

With knifty, thinkeramik and alloy I think we are
closer and closer to get a better designed interface
than we ever had!!!!

Thank you!!! - Aug 04 2003

KDE 3.0-3.4 Themes 138 comments

Score 50.0%
Jul 30 2003
I had the same problem after the 2.x versions.

Before it worked, but now the configuration pane does not show up in kcontrol.

Thanks! - Aug 06 2003
Check out the new kwin decoration from
Sandro (ceebx), its called knifty and
has rounded borders.
Its beautifull!! - Aug 04 2003

KDE 3.x Window Decorations 22 comments

by lluke
Score 50.0%
Apr 07 2003
I like glow, I already used it a lot!

Now, try the new theme knifty !!!

It is all good, my default from now on!!!

Missing yet the configurables buttons!!! - Aug 04 2003
I like glow, I already used it a lot!

Now, try the new theme knifty !!!

It is all good, my default from now on!!!

Missing yet the configurables buttons!!! - Aug 04 2003