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Plasma 4 Extensions
Farm Manager

Utilities 3 comments

Score 75.5%
Nov 25 2012
The wiki got taken down. It was actually designed to be able to download the wiki locally for offline access as well as toggle between online and local. It'll just give some weird errors now. The backend code is written but not fully present in this version.

I actually developed the app much further since the last submission but I've pretty much given up on it and won't be releasing further versions.

At the moment the "Today" page is fully functional with fully working weather, remainders etc. A proper settings dialog has been implemented so that you can customize some of the things like location for weather.

I've also added a report generator that provides a detailed report (in .pdf) on the animal such as plots of the animal's weight, medical records, family tree etc. I also cleaned up a number of bugs.

Stock management works very well and all the major problems and shortcomings have been resolved. You can even do some custom stuff now and it's now fairly feature rich.

The breeding interface now functions reasonably well. You can create family trees, monitor lineage to help avoid excessive inbreeding and/or bread for specific traits (has a little pseudo generational gene calculator). Its not very feature rich but then again I stopped development.

A place where there was a particular improvement is the management of the actual animals. More fields have been added. Custom fields are now possible. I had to clean up the "edit" box a bit and its actually really quite nice and feature rich. I'm particularly proud of the fact that you can now add a "Remainder" to the animal that will alert you on the "Today" page and/or make a pop up with customizable tone. Vaccinations also now work and the Today page will list animals awaiting vaccinations and remind you when new ones are due. The rules for this unfortunately are defined in an awkward but simple way with no GUI to configure as of yet.

Lastly it now has support for multiple "databases" as well as multiple configurations that you can load on demand. It's also properly packaged now and follows typical Linux and KDE conventions.

In all honesty its probably more like close to a v1.0 release now but I just can't be bothered anymore. Sorry, but I just don't have the time at the moment to put out a release and then support it (not like I really supported it before).

Thanks for your interest and I'm sorry it isn't in a better state. There was just so little interest originally that I felt abandoning it would be better than wasting my time further on it. Maybe in a year or so I'll get back to this when I've graduated and have some time. - Feb 18 2014
dream desktop

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 6 comments

Score 67.1%
Feb 07 2013
KDE from 4.10 onwards has native ability for animated/scripted wallpapers. - Feb 12 2013
Quick Share

Network 8 comments

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Dec 05 2012
Sorry. I started exams and then it was holidays and from there everything just sort of went crazy.

Umm, yeah basically it has to do with me not having a very good system of working with the files. At the moment the app doesn't support anything but a-z, 0-9 and select characters in the entire file path. Heck, even spaces cause issues so "/home/Joe Blog/anything.pdf" = error; "/home/JoeBlog/anything.pdf" = fine.

I know how to fix that up so I should hopefully get round to it sometime this week. I'm also going to quite drastically refactor the code and just change the general file handling so that its more bulletproof. - Jan 28 2013
You need to add files/directories for it to share. You should do something like open dolphin on the side. Start the program. Then drag a few files over (the program supports drag and drop) and start the server. Now open your browser with either the button or manually and it should list files and directories for you that you can download.

Its a very simple program that's designed for really fast sharing of files/directories over a network. There is no fancy web ui, just something like "Directory Listing for" and a couple of files and folders.

I did; however, notice that there was a bug with the the file add dialog. I have fixed it in the latest release. Also I added a few features. - Dec 05 2012
The is used to generate distribution packages. You can't use it to install the program and as far as I know you can't use it with Arch packages.

You should be able to just run "python" or make it executable and run it. By thew way it was built up on python 2.7 and I think Arch is one of the few distro's that has moved to python 3.x. So you might have to run "python2.7" - Dec 03 2012

Financial 4 comments

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Nov 09 2012
This guy also posted old code on

Maybe he is a translator or something but he shouldn't be posting stuff without description etc.

I'll try report as spam because that is what it looks like. - Nov 12 2012
Bumblebee Indicatior

Plasma 4 Extensions 19 comments

Score 75.5%
Oct 12 2012
Alright so I have looked into this. I have really no clue how your install didn't have this included by default. This package seems to be included with PyKDE4 which all KDE installations include.

I won't be adding this to the requirements as I feel it may be confusing to new users who may try look for this package but not find it in their repos.

Thanks for the heads up though! - Oct 29 2012
I'll be sure to update that next time I release a version. I'm just surprised you ran into that problem because I always assumed that this was installed by default with all KDE desktops.

Might I just ask what distro you are using? - Oct 29 2012
Glad it works!

Bumbleebee 3.0 has automatic power management. It switches the card off automatically when not in use and when you exit a program that launched with optirun. My solution to this issue is to manually edit the desktop files. This way they launch with optirun automatically and my widget can be used to monitor whether the card is on or not. Please remember to vote this plasmoid up if you like it. - Oct 12 2012
Ok well at least we got the first problem fixed. Are you running those games using optirun prefixed to the commandline command or are you just using your intel card?

Again run something with optirun, then look at the terminal output of "optirun -- status". Paste the output please and tell me the colour of the icon at the time.

I'll PM you about the possible new icons. - Oct 12 2012
I fixed the issue you had. The problem was on my side. I was using slice notation on the string returned and unfortunately not all bumblebee installations return exactly the same string. I fixed this using "grep -c off" for detecting whether it is on or not.

Try the new package - Oct 12 2012
Ok so I need to know, which distro are you using? What version of bumblebee? KDE version?

Also I noticed something, on openSUSE 12.2 with KDE 4.9.2 some API changes occured and its messed with my system a bit and I had to manually fix them, though that means the plasmoid won't load at all, I can't help with that.

So since you see an icon then everything must be running. Go to a terminal, and run "optirun --status". If it says that your Discrete card is on then the yellow indicator should show, if it says Discrete card is off and the indicator is yellow then there is another more fundamental problem that I need to fix. Please tell me the output of the command and the colour of the icon when the command is run.

If the output/icons are matching up right then it means your discrete card is running the whole time and chewing up your power. I can help you a little with this too depending on your distro.
- Oct 11 2012
Didn't even notice that newbie mistake. Terribly sorry about that. I fixed it (v0.2), it now uses: PyKDE4.kdecore.KGlobal.dirs().localkdedir() + "share/apps/plasma/plasmoids/Bumblebee_Status/contents/" to set the path for the icons.

This should fix the problem for everybody as this works for .kde and .kde4 naming conventions so I can't see this not working now.

- Oct 08 2012
WorkFlow Plasmoid

Plasma 4 Extensions 73 comments

Score 82.1%
Mar 24 2013
This plasmoid is the reason I now understand activities. I used to think that activities were just a stupid redundancy and that Virtual desktops were enough.

I think the barrier was always the accessibility (ease of use) of activities and the lack of a quick way to get a good overview of what's going on everywhere (much like desktop grid.)

Looks pretty good, and works quite well. I definitely think there is room for improvement but so far its excellent.

Thank you, this is something KDE has really needed to make activities into something logical and practical to use. - Sep 01 2012
Score 58.9%
Mar 03 2013

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements
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AppMenu QML

Plasma 4 Extensions
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9   Aug 16 2012
KDE 5 Service Menu EncFS

Dolphin Service Menus
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Graphic Apps
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9   Jul 30 2012
VBox Runner

App Runners
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9   Jul 29 2012