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Dmitry Makovey , Canada
Plasma 4 Extensions

Plasma 4 Extensions 19 comments

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Apr 28 2011
I'll take a look, but I have no access to 4.4 anyplace (I do have older version kicking around so I can post it too if needed). - Jul 03 2011
I'll take a look - font is relatively easy, inode tracking may be a bit tricky as I'd have to change how I'm tracking things. But looks doable. - Apr 28 2011
Just uploaded 1.0 that works on my KDE-4.6.2 setup (Fedora-14 with KDE-testing repo). Let me know if it helps. - Apr 26 2011
right-click and go to "Tail settings" - Feb 26 2011
Looks like RC2 is borked to begin with:
- Feb 09 2010
hmm. looks suspiciously like problem in KDE bindings for python. I've got no KDE 4.4 box yet to confirm. Once 4.4 goes live I'll upgrade and check it out. Thanks for early warning! - Feb 09 2010
what you may be looking for is:

but for my purposes I wanted just the "tail" part to keep it simle and tidy :) - Jan 07 2010
re:misleading name

although you could use command line "tail" to trail binary files I haven't come across such usage. most tail uses are around text files - thus the name for the applet :) - Jan 06 2010
just realized it last night myself :) I'll upload a2 revision shortly. - Jan 06 2010