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Oct 29 2007
This problem is already known (, I'm working on it. - Nov 23 2007
I assume you have problems with HAL/PolicyKit/ConsoleKit permissions for the user. If you have e.g. consolekit, you should check if you have XDG_SESSION_COOKIE in the user session.

If you have only PolicyKit maybe your HAL or an other policy (HAL dbus config or the dbus config itself, there are so many possible sources for this problem) is brocken. You should report it to the Fedora Bugzilla, it sounds to me like a general problem with the policies and not like a KPowersave specific problem. - Oct 30 2007
Yes, I would assume it's may the same problem as in this bug: - Oct 30 2007
Sounds more like a kernel problem. You can check if the ondemand governour is activated (check content of /sys/devices/system/cpu/*/cpufreq/scaling_govenour), but if it's a kernel problem. Please report this to and assign it to the component kernel - Oct 29 2007
I assume you need acpid (depends on how FC configure their HAL version), but I'm not that familar with FC (maybe it's a SELinux problem or something other Fedora specific). You should report the problem to the Fedora bugzilla, since you used a package, which you have from them. - Oct 29 2007
You don't need 0.5.10 of HAL, but: - Oct 29 2007
It should display the time if HAL provide the information if there are only percentage infos in HAL we can't fix this.

What print this command: 'lshal | grep remaining.time' if your machine is charging or discharging the battery? - Apr 12 2007
This version used powersaved (~v0.12.18) and if there is no Standby in the applet menu your machine don't support Standby. If you have Suspend To RAM there use this instead if it work. - Apr 12 2007
You have to install libXss which is normaly in the xorg-x11-libs/xorg-x11-devel package (package names may depend on your distribution)

For which dist do you try to build? - Apr 12 2007
you have to update HAL to >= as described in requirements, as HAL support CPU frequency settings since this version. - Feb 19 2007
No IIRC you need hal >= since e.g. CPU Freq is only supported since this version. - Feb 19 2007
You need a up-to-date HAL which support CPU freq to set the CPU Frequency. Which version of HAL do you use (you maybe need also the rights to use the related D-Bus/HAL interface)? - Feb 19 2007
Hm ... we never saw such problems. What are the exact error message? Could you send the error msg togehter with information about your system (e.g which distro) to powersave-users_at_forge_dot_novell _dot_com ? - Feb 07 2007
This is the job of the tool behind the HAL suspend methods. At SUSE 10.2 this is e.g. pm-utils (see e.g. for more) - Nov 22 2006
To autostart KPowersave you only need to copy the desktop file of KPowersave to e.g. (not sure if this is the same at debian) /opt/kde3/share/autostart/, but you should maybe file a bug against the KPowersave package at Debian. They should fix their package to autostart.

The other sounds to me like a problem with D-Bus or HAL config. KPowersave should run as normal user without any problem. If you use the default Debian package: also file a bug or ask at 'powersave-users at forge dot novell dot com'. There should also be some debian guys. - Nov 12 2006
Take this post as my answer: - Nov 05 2006
No, you can't use this packages on SUSE 10.0.

If you take a look at the description, you can download a package for SUSE 10.1 from the factory repository from the opensuse servers. Btw. we plan a YOU update in the next weeks to update the package.

While the package from factory work on 10.1 we don't plan to provide extra packages. If we have to much changes in factory, we add packages to and announce this. - Jul 06 2006
Hm, looks as if the file somehow corrupted on the sourceforge server. You are the first reporting this (from at least 90 downloads). Thanks for the info.

Since I scheduled a update for Monday, I don't plan to fix this. You can also use the package from: . - Jun 08 2006
Hm, looks as if the file somehow corrupted on the sourceforge server. You are the first reporting this (from at least 90 downloads). Thanks for the info.

Since I scheduled a update for Monday, I don't plan to fix this. You can also use the package from: . - Jun 08 2006
You should report this in the gentoo bugzilla under . I don't maintain the gentoo ebuilds. - May 23 2006
The you should also install/build sysfsutils (and maybe also sysfsutils-devel) packages. - May 22 2006
Is the powersave daemon running (ps -aux | grep powersaved)? This should only happen if the daemon is not running or if powersave could'n connect to the daemon (maybe problems with wrong group membersgip of the daemon or a wrong DBUS config).

If the daemon is not running start powersaved. If this not fix the problem, write a mail to The debian package mainatainer is also on this list and should be able to help you. - Apr 27 2006
As you can see I added a link to fresh build packages for Fedora Core 5.

From the powersave project homepage on you can get the needed powersave package and also the for KPowersave needed dbus-qt3 (and if you need also a dbus-qt3-devel rpm) rpm for i386.

As I said, you need to disable SELinux support completely or at least the related rule for acpi(d).

Please report problems or any feedback to powersave-users AT forge dot novell dot com - Apr 20 2006
1.) What I would say: This is simply the kcontrol module of klaptop.
2.) This is documented in the README. I added unchanged source (and the instructions in README) because I had problems to get make dist working with the package. Patches to get make dist running are welcome ;-)
3.) Good to know. Was this the compile error because of __u32 ? Was not sure what the problem was in this case. I added a workaround for this to the FC4 powersave package already, but if this was the problem, I fix this for the next package. - Apr 19 2006
I added a short reference to the powersave homepage and documentation for additional powersave dependencies. - Apr 19 2006
No, it's not the same, this is the kcm of klaptop - it's the same. I would say, powersave and KPowersave provide together full the same (and more) functionality. If you miss something, let us/me know.

Btw. I also could provide i386 packages for FC5, but the problem was selinux. powersave and kpowersave only work if you disable selinux for acpid/acpi or disable selinux complete. I don't know how to fix it, I have no experiences with selinux (SUSE dropped it). - Apr 19 2006
powersave and kpowersave replace klaptop (I think you mean this with 'KDE's laptop options') complete. You should stop or/and remove klaptop from your system if you run powersave and KPowersave.

To say more, I need to know, what you mean with "KDE's parameters". - Apr 18 2006
A simple answer? No! - Mar 27 2006
g-p-m follows a complete and IMO also complete wrong concept (see for example discussion on:

Instead of hacking single powermanagement tasks in HAL only because they are not able to develop and implement a own daemon we go the unix way and use/develop a daemon for on special task: powermanagement.

Btw. g-p-m has not nearly the same functionality as (K)powersave. Only some examples: How do you handle powermangement with g-p-m if nobody is logged in to your machine? How do you change your CPU freq with g-p-m? ... - Mar 24 2006
Which distribution do you use? - Mar 22 2006
Hm ... this sounds strange. Did you change anything the the powersave configuration?

Could you write a mail to 'powersave-users AT forge DOT novell DOT com' and describe the problem? Would be useful. - Mar 22 2006
There is currently in the actual version only one laptop specific issue visible for on non-Laptop machines: the "lock screen on lidclose" checkbox in the configure dialog. All other things are not visible or have no effect to the user if he run kpowersave on e.g. a workstation. There is also nothing we can or should hide in the applet menu. All these items work and make sense also on workstations. And if there is e.g. no lid button there is also no lidevent send by powersave ... means: nothing happens.

Btw. I changed the code to display the lidclose related checkbox only if the machine is a laptop. - Mar 12 2006

looks to me as if the powersave daemon is not running. Check if the daemon runs and if not, start. - Mar 12 2006
I think this message say all ... the powersave daemon could not find a active swap partition for suspend. What say 'cat /proc/swaps' ?

Btw. If you have a problem with powersave or KPowersave: subscribe ( and mail to 'powersave - users at forge dot novell dot com' . We can provide there a better support for users than here ;-) - Mar 10 2006
It's not easy to say ... this is _my_ opinion as maintainer/developer ... I don't want to blame the developers of klaptop ... and at least I used klaptop not since years, because KPowersave is since years the default on SUSE and no longer available in SUSE 10.1.

some advantages:
- switchable schemes (currently 5 for different situations, root can define more if needed via powersaved)
- integrated screensaver/dpms/brightness (if supported by hw) handling
- integrated (and switchable) CPUFreq and throttling handling (if supported by hw)
- autosuspend
- integrated suspend/standby trigger (and communication with powersave while suspend process about errors and progress)
- also if no user is logged in to desktop: powermanagement is handled by powersave daemon systemwide
- you can use kpowersave also on GNOME (not sure if this would work with klaptop so easy)
- you don't need run setuid scripts or helper because the powersave daemon handle all things as root daemon
- several ppl. say: more active maintained
- the combination of powersave and KPowersave replace several other daemons: apmd, cpufreqd, powernowd ...
- ... for more see featurelist, handbook and powersave documentation

- you need a aditional package (powersave), some ppl. maybe don't like this
- currently no integration in kcontrol, but we plan a kcm module

I hope this help you. If you have more questions: subscribe and mail to: 'powersave - users at forge dot novell dot com'. Btw. which distribution do you use? - Mar 10 2006
I added lcd brightness support for the omnibook kernel module to powersave. It should be supported with the next release of powersave. Btw. I also have a Omnibook, but we didn't anythink for this module before because unload module was not working with 2.6.x kernel (seems as if it is fixed now.).

Btw. What other than lcd brightness are you missing? - Mar 08 2006
Yes, we moved the libarys to a own package (powersave-libs) as we also have now a devel package. I chanage the dependency list here and add powersave-libs. - Mar 08 2006
The error is full correct. What say the error?: powersave-libs >= 0.12.1 but you searched for powersave. I think you did not installed the powersave-libs package. - Mar 06 2006
As you can see, I released today packages for Mandriva 2006.1. You need to update HAL, DBUS and maybe also cpufrequtils. Don't forget also to download and install powersave from the project homepage. - Mar 04 2006
Sorry, this old (and no longer supported) package is a SUSE rpm. You can't use this package on Mandriva and also not with the current KPowersave version.

If you compile for Mandriva you don't need resmgr, this _was_ SUSE specific. Btw. I suppose you compile and install a actual powersave and KPowersave version. Unfortunatly we currently have no rpms for Mandriva - I had problems with connect powersave to dbus my testinstallaion of Mandriva ... but you can try it (with powersave 0.12.1 and KPowersave 0.5.9). If you need more help: feel free to subscribe and write to - Mar 01 2006
If you take a look at the description you need powersave to run (and compile) KPowersave. You can find the powersave package also on the sourceforge project side:

If configure has detected your distribution as Redhat you have this file: /etc/redhat-release. Is there also this file: /etc/mandrake-release or something like that?

The yast check is in there because KPowersave was developed for SUSE and we have there a special YaST module to configure the powersave daemon. This message is thus correct and no problem. - Mar 01 2006
Take a look at the README how to compile the project. Or take a look at for instructions to build on Gentoo. - Feb 14 2006
Please write a mail to and we will help you there. It's much easier on a mailinglist instead of - Feb 07 2006
We found the reason for the not working autosuspend feature. The problem is the path for pidof in the code (/sbin/pidof). On Gentoo this is /bin/pidof. We fixed this for the next release, you can workaround this if you add a link to /sbin/pidof. - Feb 03 2006
I think this is a gentoo specific problem with the D-BUS settings. Normaly you don't need to start kpowersave as root. This was not needed on any other distribution before. You could take a look at the sourceforge help-forum or at the powersave-devel mailinglist. There was already a thread about problems on Gentoo. - Feb 02 2006
Could you provide/send a ebuild for (K)Powersave? - Feb 01 2006
You couldn`t only compile the help. Looks as if you miss some xls or KDE doc packages. - Jan 28 2006
Thanks for the info ... fixed now. - Jan 24 2006
If you take a look in the description, there are already dep files for debian/ubuntu available (currently v0.5.2).

On Debian you can get KPowersave/powersave with 'apt-get install kpowersave' and for Ubuntu you can download packages from

I think the packages will be updated as soon as possible by the debian/ubuntu package maintianer/packager (Michael Biebl). - Jan 20 2006
It would be usefull if you could write a mail to: 'powersave-devel at forge dot novell dot com' with a short description of your problem on Gentoo.

We could discuss this there in a better/easier way than here and would try to help you. Thanks. - Jan 20 2006