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Hendrik Borghorst Mülheim, Germany
Plasma 4 Extensions

Plasma 4 Extensions 17 comments

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Nov 12 2012
Thanks, added the links to download section.

Haven't tested the packages because I have no ubuntu but I really appreciate your work ;) and trust that the packages work. - Apr 14 2011

should be fixed in 0.0.5 could only test with http:// and rtsp and so on but should work with mms:// . Thanks for reporting the issue - Apr 09 2011
I'll look into it. This could take some time because I've to modify the network class. - Apr 08 2011

released version 0.0.4. Fixed the issues you said.

The only thing I've not changed is the connection button because I think it shows exactly what it should. Disconnect icon to disconnect and connect to connect. It's a matter of taste I think.

Have fun with the release and contact me if you find other bugs

greetings - Apr 08 2011
I would like if you try version 0.0.3 :) - Apr 05 2011
Hello, I noticed this too. I think I'll add this later. Stay tuned ;) - Apr 01 2011
Water Vapor

GTK2 Themes 75 comments

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May 19 2006
i think you should set the ysickness in the tabs section to "1" because that this lets the tabs look nicer - Nov 26 2005

Plasma 4 Extensions
by fpuelz

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9   Dec 30 2011