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Divide Byzero
Crunchy Branch Animated

Wallpaper Other by costalfy 15 comments

how fast does it animate? i'm seeing the 08 png for the last 2 or so mins - Jun 16 2008
Ahharu - gfxboot theme

GRUB Themes by shakka 1 comment

Looks much better when applied (than the offscreen photo in the screenshot). Good job. - May 25 2008
Ubuntu Hardy gfxboot

GRUB Themes by Pelo 9 comments

can i get a blue one please? - Apr 27 2008
Blue Ubuntu Usplash

Usplash Themes by knorrsuppe 30 comments

I'd really like to see more usplashes from you. Love the progress bar - Mar 29 2008
Clock Ring Screenlet

Conky by ashy 17 comments

thanks a lot! that was really quick!! - Mar 22 2008
Clock Ring Screenlet

Conky by ashy 17 comments

great work!!
One suggestion though. Could you add an option so that all blocks from 12'o clock to the current hour/min/sec block are selected/highlighted except the single one?
For eg: at 4pm, hour blocks 12,1,2,3,4 would be highlighed instead of just 4 - Mar 21 2008