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Stefano Bertone Torino, Italy
Ubuntu Green

GDM Themes by ImMrDrake 3 comments

Exactly what I was looking for!!! Thanks! - Mar 08 2008
windows rubbish

Cliparts by donax 5 comments

concept is ok! graphics not so much!! ;)) - Feb 11 2008
Distro balls

Wallpaper Other by Takatalvi 51 comments

great job!! really nice!! - Feb 11 2008
Main menu screenlet

Conky by Whise 2 comments

ops... perhaps I already downloaded it with your Screenlet Collection but didn't notice it... sorry!! - Feb 11 2008
Main menu screenlet

Conky by Whise 2 comments

the bar is great!! I was looking for something similar since I left AWN 'cause it was too heavy for my PC...

why don't you post a link for the single menu?? I don't want to download all BZR 172 !

Thanks! - Feb 11 2008

Icon Sub-Sets by suseux 65 comments

Great Theme and maniacal attention to details!!
Icons are a little bit outdated and some importants are missing (firefox) but still a great job!
I can't install the clear-look color theme: someone can help? ;)
Thanks! - Feb 08 2008
Pk_Paperinik New Adventures

Bootsplash Various by DioSonoIo 1 comment

anyway, this is only a preliminary version I tried to set up yesterday evening... now I've seen everything works I will improve it!!;) - Jan 29 2008
Thunderbird 3

Icon Sub-Sets
by ivoermejo

9   Aug 26 2011