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by Din0
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Jul 17 2004
For Gkrellm transparent is a Theme than includes the package gkrellm-themes, if you have a Red Hat based distribution you can find it here:

The Theme name is Invisible ;)

For Eterm i start it with KDE with the next command:

kstart --skiptaskbar --alldesktops --skippager --keepbelow Eterm -x --buttonbar 0 --scrollbar 0 -f yellow --trans --geometry 92x38+80+25 -L 10000

Note than kstart command is used to hide at pager and taskbar than a Eterm sesion is open in KDE desktop.

greetings - Jul 25 2004
I've sent you it to your e-mail profile, confirm me than you received it.

Greetings. - Jul 18 2004
Sorry, but i can't remember where i've found it, is a modified version of a wallpaper and i simply added transparency, i can't post it at wallpapers section because i'm not the author and i don't know if he is accord with it, but if you want i can send you it to an e-mail.


PD: sorry my bad english - Jul 17 2004

Wallpaper Other 4 comments

by Din0
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Jun 23 2003
The Gimp ;)

PD: sorry for the later answer - Jul 17 2004
Building The Future

Buildings 4 comments

by Din0
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Sep 08 2003
are you happy? try don't F*** me, if you don't like the wallpaper don't download it, but try don't fire me, or do you prefer this answer:

"No, Frankenstein is your mother"

Do you prefer this? I think no

Have a good day - Sep 10 2003
My girlfriend likes this "egg head" tux... i like this tux, no posibility of fix (or my girlfriend fired me), sorry. New version, new look :)

Greetings - Sep 09 2003