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Michael Nelson Silvis, United States of America
Disable TouchPad

Icon Sub-Sets by bgryderclock 2 comments

anti porn symbol me thinks but at least such a warning should keep your keyboard in tip top shape and save you a few bucks not having to pay a guy to clean up with a mop and squeegee ;) - Sep 14 2008
Chrome Glass

Cursors by fnaax 24 comments

just wanted to leave my thanks. i NEVER change my mouse cursor although it doesnt stop me from looking every now and then. most "neat" or "innovative" mouse cursors still look totally out of place on a desktop. yours on the other hand looks great on a multitude. - Sep 01 2008
Wallpaper Clock Screenlet

Conky by Whise 73 comments

ok so i figured out the problems with the wallpaperclock and gnome and again this is why linux is not taken in the mainstream since people cant write scripts or directions (coming from an applications/database developer and unix administrator)

follow these steps to get wallpaperclock to work....

download wallpaperclock screenlet
install wallpaperclock in ~/.screnlets (if it doesnt exist make it)
install python-image
download wallpaperclock theme

ok here is the rediculous part - the theme is call theme.wcz right? go to the wallpapers folder and create a FOLDER buy the name of theme.wcz and extract the real theme.wcz contents there

ok one more step for gnome users if you get dcop errors you needs to execute dcopserver

now run your screenlet and you should have the wallpaper clock running albeit a resource hog for one second every minute - make sure this sucker is turned off if you plan on doing any gaming. - Jan 05 2008