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Diego Bello Valpara√≠¬≠so, Chile
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Emoticons 3 comments

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Jan 31 2010
Then I don't understand why Kopete shows it when looking for emoticons.

Thanks for answering :) - Jan 21 2011
It won't install in kopete 1.0.0 using KDE 4.4.3. Is there any special requirement or instruction? - Jan 20 2011
Oxygen System Monitor

Plasma 4 Extensions 79 comments

by kilah
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Jan 18 2009

Is it possible the monitor could also display disk usage in terms of transference rate?

I have that in gkrellm and it's really useful when you are running applications with high disk transference, and it's the only reason I'm not using the oxygen system monitor yet.

Thanks! - Apr 23 2010