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Dennis Gilmore
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Winter Garden

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Dec 25 2005
it was snow falling. I took the photo at about 6am when i was taking to dog out. it looked nice i had to try capture it.

Thanks for your words - Dec 25 2005
Aussie strangeness

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Nov 01 2005
Carn mate, theres a creek there once ina blue moon when it rains right. then the crocks come out so ya dont want to do no swimmin then.

But seriously nice to see some aussie stuff here. i should post some of my pictures.

***now im homesick*** - Nov 01 2005

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Oct 07 2005
Greatly appreciated - Oct 08 2005

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Oct 07 2005
Could you make a generic copy without Gentoo or Linux on it just keep the KDE - Oct 07 2005

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Apr 26 2005
Should be plenty. but it could be nice as a user settable option if you append outputs of scans - Apr 26 2005
I tried nmapqt out today and have only one complaint, the nmap went off of the buffer on the screen i did a nmap of my lan with 90 hosts and at the end could see details on only 10 of them. - Apr 26 2005