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Thomas Eschenbacher , Germany
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Feb 21 2016
once again:

=> did you read ?

=> did you do call "apt-get build-dep kwave" ? - Jan 04 2015
ok, that means you are building for Debian. Did you then read the corresponding section in the manual? Or did you have difficulties with these instructions: ? (normally "apt-get build-dep kwave" should be able to install all necessary packages for you. - Jan 04 2015
I would like to help you, but without knowing some circumstances this is quite hard. In most cases the package you need for poxml tools is named kde4-l10n-devel or similar.

Which distribution do you use? - Jan 04 2015
Hi Jonas,

don't worry, it is both: a compile option and a runtime configuration. If you don't like PulseAudio, then just don't use it for playback.

Kwave does not *require* a running pulse audio server, it just offers the possibility to make use of it if one wishes.

You can still play back via OSS or ALSA, just select the method you want in the "Settings"/"Playback" dialog ;-)

kind regards,
Thomas - Dec 30 2009
a short update:

can you please try the patch attached to sourceforge tracker ID 2144215 and tell me if it works then?
- Oct 03 2008
that's already a known problem on Debian.

See sourceforge tracker id 2122433 or

Things work fine on openSUSE and Gentoo.

So which distribution do you use? - Oct 03 2008
sorry, that's a bug in the ebuild. The line with


should be changed like this:

RDEPEND="arts? ( kde-base/arts )

And, to be sure that linking also works, the patch #1900201 should also be applied, see .

However, if you can live with the fact that the aRts libs are still installed in your system without being used, then you shouldn't need to care about that. Kwave v0.7.11 without patches still - unintentionally - is linked against aRts libs, but it does not use them if the arts USE flag is not set.

Are you interested in something like a "kwave-0.7.11-r1.ebuild" ?
- May 24 2008

Kwave v0.7.11 only pulls in aRts if you have the "arts" USE flag set. So which version are you talking about? If you refer to the current version 0.7.11, please use the bug reporting system at SourceForge (
and file a bug there...

kind regards,
Thomas - May 23 2008
AFAIK the FLAC API did not change from 1.1.3 to 1.1.4, so the check is identical. I have v1.2.1 here and it works also.

Furthermore I do not check for a "specific" version, instead I (have to) do some really ugly checks in the plugins/codec_flac/CMakeLists.txt to fiddle out which API version compiles. This brings me to the question how it is possible that you get an error so late, when compiling. I would have expected that the cmake call fails.

So once again: please file a bug at sourceforge and append the output of cmake. Otherwise I cannot help.

BTW: if you don't need FLAC, you can find instructions in the Kwave online documentation on how to disable FLAC support:
- Jan 27 2008
Thanks for reporting, but IMO this a different problem. I see the line:

#error "no usable FLAC API found"

So I must conclude that something went badly wrong when detecting the FLAC API version. Please use the bug reporting system at sourceforge, file a bug report there and paste the complete output of "cmake" + your versions of cmake and FLAC.


I explicitely implemented support for FLAC API versions 1.1.1, 1.1.2, 1.1.3 and also have successfully tested them. - Jan 26 2008
hmm... looks strange, like qt-4. So, which versions of Qt and KDE are you taking?
- Jan 26 2008
seems that you are using Debian, right? Maybe you want to try out the official debian packages from Kwave's debian maintainer(s), they always have nice packages and patches for fixing that kind of problems.

(BTW: please kindly use the bug reporting system at
or the Kwave mailing list for reporting build problems) - Jan 26 2008
sorry, I need more information.

please use the bug reporting system at

...and tell me which distribution you use.
- Jan 26 2008
This has been fixed in v0.7.10. - Jan 25 2008
sorry, for updating so late. Since v0.7.11 you should be able to use Kwave without aRts. I rewrote the complete internal streaming engine to work without aRts and also ported the plugins to be aRts-free.
- Jan 25 2008
this is currently work in progress.
Anyway, what is your problem with aRts? Kwave needs it only for internal streaming. Therefore you can safely run aRts and configure it to use the "null" device, that would not interfere with other sound software and will be sufficient for Kwave! - Aug 22 2007
should have been only a temporary problem with Sourceforge. Please try again... - Jan 01 2007
this should be fixed with the latest version, v0.7.6, please try again! - Jun 06 2006
You should have taken a look into the README file and called "make -f Makefile.dist" - Jul 25 2004
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Nov 07 2013

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Feb 05 2010
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