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Nov 24 2014
PyQT is more and more popular, unfortunately, my knowledge of Python is so limited, that I can’t create nor maintain such a binding by myself. Anyways, it would probably be better to wait for version 0.1.0 until the API is more stable before starting any binding... even if contributors for a Python binding are welcome! - Apr 02 2006
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KDE development (as far as I know) is already very active on qt4 (qtcopy, etc…). Qanava is developed with KDE in mind (for example as a replacement for the visual history code) and if it is still mainly a library, Qanava will soon evolve to incorporate a graph editor or a file browser application to demonstrate its abilities (BTW, I was actually invited to register Qanava on kde-apps by a mail from one of the moderator, I would otherwise not have applied).

Concerning QT4, since Qanava is in v0.0.7, it is … 93 releases away from 1.0, so it let KDE developers plenty of time to port their software to QT4 :)

Qanava 0.0.4 is no longer useable nor available (there has been too much changes and bug fixed). If you just want to look at the sources, all the QCanvas related code can still be cut and pasted to qt3 apps (just forget all the Interview related classes).

Pheraps you should also have a look to KGraphViewer.

Cheers - Mar 23 2006
Hi kleag,

I’ve followed KGraphViewer development for a long time now, and you .dot parser really make me envious :) (except for the BOOST dependency, but Spirit seems to be a really good parser!)

Some code can certainly be shared between KGraphViewer and Qanava, mail me if you are interested... - Mar 09 2006
Thanks, I was not aware of this functionality (even if I'am a regular Graphiz user!). I've looked at your graphic code, and it's very clean even if you might benefit from some of the Qanava features (it probably need some extension to support the same tree layout than Graphviz).

Unfortunately, Qanava no longer support qt3, I would otherwise have been happy to adapt your call graph viewer as a techdemo for Qanava! - Jan 13 2006
Unlike Graphviz, Qanava describe its graphs programmatically and display the result in a QT canvas allowing the user to interact with the graph (move and select nodes, etc.). Qanava can layout graph automatically as a tree or using a spring-force algorithm. Qanava is designed to handle small to medium sized graphs (1000 nodes), while graphviz can handle very large graphs with state of the art algorithms.

If you want to build a dedicated QT or KDE application to display your graph without scripting or calling an external application, then Qanava might be a good choice. - Jan 09 2006