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Mr. Kino99

GTK2 Themes 131 comments

by sen7
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Nov 11 2008
Cool that worked. Thanks. - Oct 24 2008
Thanks for that.

Mine isn't exactly the same. I have an Opacify option under Accessibility,but no Opacity, Brightness and Saturation and no Opacity Tab. Maybe I am running a different version.

But I'll play around with the settings and see what I can do. - Oct 24 2008
Hi, I really love the theme. Nice work!

Any idea how I can make my menu a little transparent like yours? Do I have to be running a XFCE desktop?

I am running Ubuntu 7:10 w/Compiz btw.

Thanks - Oct 23 2008

GTK2 Themes 17 comments

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Sep 30 2008
'A' for originality!

I've been waiting for someone to do something like this.

A lot of web design has moved away from the Shinny and Glossy everything, and on to textures, torn paper, and brush strokes. I always thought someone should bring this to the desktop.

As a quick example:


If you look, the headings are highlighted with what looks like a stroke of blue watercolor.

Or the navigation bar here:

or here:

- Oct 01 2008
elementary Icons

Full Icon Themes 330 comments

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Apr 09 2010
Thanks nstamoul,

I actually started using a different icon theme, but I keep my eye on the project ;)

Now that there is a .deb package I'll have to try it out again. - Sep 30 2008
I'll try reinstalling it. I know I used this set several versions back and it was fine. I set my zoom to 150% by default, and tried different sizes.

Thanks for taking the time to comment. I like the project. - Sep 06 2008
I am sure I am just doing something wrong, but all my folders are tiny.

I dragged and dropped the tar.gz file to my Appearance screen - no problem - and I also dropped the extracted folder to /usr/share/icons

Any idea what I might be doing wrong?

Thank you.

-(running Ubuntu Gutsy 7.10) - Sep 05 2008
Ubuntu 7.10 - Jan 19 2008
Tibetux (Linux for Tibet)

Wallpaper Other 5 comments

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Sep 26 2008
Cool. Any chance of a 1280x1024 version?? - Sep 26 2008
Elegant Arch (Brit colors)

Wallpaper Other 4 comments

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Sep 26 2008
Very cool. Nice work. I haven't used Elegant Brit in a while, but I still love it.

I don't use Arch though. I looked into it and it seemed a little too advanced for myself at the moment... or maybe that was Gentoo... - Sep 23 2008

Nautilus Scripts 62 comments

by Thura
Score 80.6%
Jul 07 2012
I am glad someone is working on this. I really think this is something that should be in an OS by default.

Surprisingly only Windows does, my Mac and Linux OS don't. I actually just install Purrr to batch rename when I am in linux.

Good luck with your script! - Aug 25 2008
Glow Ibex

GTK2 Themes 33 comments

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Aug 19 2008
For those interested in the Wallpaper:

Ether has some other great stuff there so have a look. - Aug 20 2008
You did a really great job with this. Maybe the best WillWill Ibex yet.

If you have time to answer, the colour of my text in Terminal is light brown which is very hard to see. In your screenshot it is white. Any ideas?

Thanks so much!

P.S. - I am curious about the wallpaper too - Aug 20 2008
Japanese Wood Splash Screen

Gnome 2 Splash Screens 6 comments

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Aug 13 2008
The GTK is Sauna Dark:

But the window's border is from Moomex-Ultimatum: - Aug 15 2008
Thanks. I am loving the combination as well:)

I think I will make a GDM Login Screen when I get some time. - Aug 14 2008
MGT Suite Metacity Pack

Metacity Themes 10 comments

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Sep 07 2008
Cool stuff. Thanks - Aug 13 2008

Icon Sub-Sets 4 comments

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Jul 31 2008
Nice, thanks.

Makes me want to install the game Lady Bug just so I can use the icon. - Jul 31 2008
Ubuntu Bart

Cliparts 6 comments

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Jul 26 2008
When I made some wallpaper I used Inkscape to try out some open source software and to contribute to the community.

But I think using Illustrator is fine. Adobe makes awesome software. I am a photographer and graphic designer and I wish I never had to use a mac, but I do, because I need Adobe software.

I am all for getting it ported to linux and have no problem with seeing work from Illustrator on here. Of course I understand that using open source is the idea for this site. - Jul 25 2008

Wallpaper Other 8 comments

by joo
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Jul 15 2008
It looks great. I would love to download it, but I get 403 Forbidden when I try the 1280 x 1024 - Jul 03 2008
MurrinaMplayer (Murrina + MPlayer)

Various Gnome Stuff 5 comments

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Jan 31 2007
Hey man, do you have a link to your wallpaper?? I think it is really nice. - Jun 17 2008
Elegant Brit Themed Wallpaper

Wallpaper Other 10 comments

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Dec 28 2010
I believe it is called 'Eikon' found here: - Jun 17 2008
I put up a splash screen along the same lines:
- May 16 2008
Glad you like it. I think it really works with the Elegant Brit theme.

I don't know how to make a GDM theme yet, but I'd like to learn. A splash screen shouldn't be too difficult though. I already made a grub screen. - May 16 2008
Elegant Brit Splash Screen

Gnome 2 Splash Screens 4 comments

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May 16 2008
I'm glad you like it. I did throw together a GDM:

but a Usplash may be a little out of my league.

And yeah, I love the Elegant Brit theme. It's nice to have something different. - May 19 2008
No problem. It was easy to do and fun to learn a little Inkscape. - May 16 2008
Elegant Brit

GTK2 Themes 283 comments

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Mar 16 2008
Actually, I ended up making a GDM, Splash Screen, Wallpaper, and a GRUB screen to fit the theme:

Links to all the files can be found of that page. - May 19 2008
I love the theme! It took a lot to get me away from the Slickness theme.

I also really love the icon theme Eikon, but have a few problems.

The firefox icons are missing (in the menu, desktop shortcuts, and on the panel) and the volume control and the network status icons are black so I can't see them on my panel.

Does anyone know how to fix/change this? Is anyone maintaining this icon theme?

Also, you have customized folders for 'images' 'downloads' etc. Where can I find those icons? I have added 'emblems' to the folders, which are nice, but not the same as yours. Or maybe it is because you aren't using Nautilus.

I made some simple Wallpaper to fit the theme if anyone would like to have a look:

and a GRUB screen:

Thank you,
- May 16 2008
Novy Hrad - Slovakia

Wallpaper Other 2 comments

by q3d
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May 02 2008
Kde je ten novy hrad vole? Just kidding, looks great. - May 02 2008
Red Hardy Usplash

Usplash Themes 5 comments

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Apr 19 2008
Thank you for making a different resolution for me :)

It works. It was a little off to the left, but I may just need to adjust my monitor. - Apr 16 2008
a 1280 x 1024 version would be much appreciated. Good work. They look nice. - Apr 13 2008

Wallpaper Other 14 comments

by taner
Score 63.3%
Apr 02 2008
I love it!

Thanks - Apr 03 2008
Gartoon Redux

Full Icon Themes 93 comments

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Sep 29 2013
Yes I just downloaded the .deb file and it is for version 1.3 :( - Mar 31 2008
Thanks so much for the great theme. It looks great and has icons for everything!!

I just wanted to ask if anyone knows how I could change the default folders to look like the blue folders from the Kamel icon set:

I tried copying the kamel folder icons and replacing the gartoonredux "folder.svg" file and any others that look like they are used for the folder icons, and placed the new set in a folder in ~/.icons, but it didn't work. The icon folders just defaulted to some simple grey ones.

I am using Gutsy 7.10 -so compize

If anyone can help I would be so happy as my perfect desktop would be complete.


Devi - Feb 27 2008
It's a really fun theme. I like it. Thank you. - Feb 12 2008

Wallpaper Other 2 comments

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Mar 27 2008
Great, I love it. I may have to start using an orange theme again.

Any chance you could release a 1280 x 1024 version? - Mar 30 2008
Ubuntu - Orgasm for Nerds

Wallpapers Ubuntu 5 comments

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Mar 23 2008
Thanks for the wallpaper. I don't usually like girly wallpaper but this looks good with the graphics on it.

Any chance you could release it without the "orgasm" solgan? - Mar 23 2008
Elegant Mine

GTK2 Themes 30 comments

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Mar 30 2008
Great Work. It's hard to find a dark theme that is functional.

Same question about the icon set. It looks like a leopardish icon set I have but you have really cool customized icons for your folders :"pictures" "music" etc.

Thanks - Mar 23 2008
Orange door hinge

GTK2 Themes 28 comments

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May 01 2008
That worked! Thanks so much. - Mar 21 2008
I think it looks really nice, but how do I install it? All my GTK themes are "tar.gz" files. When I unzip it I get folders and files.

Do I need to change to the folder in Terminal and do a "make" "make install" or something like that first? - Mar 21 2008
Panel background with some flowery motif

Various Gnome Stuff 2 comments

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Mar 17 2008
These are really great!

Thank you. Not enough panel themes out there so I was happy to find this one. - Mar 18 2008
Ubuntu Grub Splash

GRUB Themes 2 comments

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Nov 15 2004
This is really nice. I've been looking for something orange/ubuntu themed. Great work. Thanks! - Mar 08 2008

Various Gnome Stuff 10 comments

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Mar 08 2008
Very cool stuff. It is something completely new to me, maybe an original idea in the community. That counts for so much. - Mar 08 2008
Colored March Collection

Wallpaper Other 1 comment

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Mar 03 2008
Nice and simple wallpapers, they look good. Thanks for the contribution. - Mar 06 2008
GDM Gartoon theme

GDM Themes 12 comments

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Jun 21 2004
I am sure no one is still reading this but it always crashes when I try to use it as well.

Says it can't load and tries for a different GDM but that fails too. Have to do a hard reset to get back into the OS:( looks really cool too. - Feb 28 2008

GTK2 Themes 10 comments

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Jan 26 2008
other examples (black on black):

Open Office Word - Feb 10 2008
Hey just wanted to ask,

Some text isn't visible because of the colour settings, ie: Banshee you can't see the name of the song playing because it is written in black on a black background.

Or really light gray text on a white background which is hard to read - again in Banshee when the song recommendations are shown from

Anyway I can fix this?? Otherwise stellar theme man. really. - Feb 10 2008
Really great dark theme. I don;t use them often but I am really liking this one. Cheers! - Feb 09 2008
Linux Inside Matrix

GDM Themes 8 comments

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Jan 22 2007
Yes, the link is down and I would really like to use it as well :( - Feb 04 2008
Blue Joy

GTK2 Themes 60 comments

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Aug 17 2008
Great work. It looks really good with the Elementary icon set.

I have one problem. The same one I have with the mac_4_lin and/or the leopardish theme.

I like to make my bottom panel transparent, but when no windows are open there is still a black rectangle to represent one open window and doesn't look nice.

Anyone know what i might be doing wrong/missing? I can post a screenshot if necessary. - Jan 30 2008

Wallpaper Other 6 comments

by taner
Score 50.0%
Jan 19 2008
I dig it. I'm using it. Nice work. - Jan 20 2008

by mdh3ll

Score 83.5%
Jan 25 2011
Monolit icon theme

Full Icon Themes
by Mo-no

Score 75.6%
Sep 14 2010

Full Icon Themes
by sora

Score 76.5%
Mar 06 2010
elementary gimp

Gimp Splashes
by gericom

Score 58.0%
Mar 06 2010
elementary usplash

Usplash Themes
by gericom

Score 50.0%
Apr 08 2009

GDM Themes
by thedarkside

Score 58.0%
Apr 03 2009

GTK2 Themes
by SpecKtacle

Score 74.0%
Mar 15 2009
Aurora Gtk Engine

GTK2 Themes

Score 74.0%
Mar 15 2009

GTK2 Themes
by TheRob

Score 68.0%
Mar 15 2009

GTK2 Themes
by Izo

Score 50.0%
Mar 15 2009
Gnomeorg (3 & 3.2)

Gnome Shell Themes
by viper200

Score 71.7%
9   Nov 24 2011
Score 71.3%
9   Nov 24 2011

Gnome Shell Themes
by tiheum

Score 74.7%
9   Nov 24 2011
Score 76.9%
9   Nov 24 2011

GTK3 Themes
by lassekongo83

Score 76.5%
9   Apr 07 2011

by mdh3ll

Score 83.5%
9   Jan 25 2011
Emesene theme for Faenza

Full Icon Themes
by mdh3ll

Score 64.5%
9   Jan 25 2011
Tux Christmas

by mdh3ll

Score 74.3%
9   Jan 25 2011
Score 65.6%
9   Jan 23 2011
Cats every where!

Wallpaper Other
by hotamr

Score 68.0%
9   Dec 19 2010
Mock up - Proposal

Various Gnome Stuff
by ceebeebg

Score 83.5%
9   Dec 19 2010
Score 70.0%
9   Dec 19 2010
Divergence Inspired

Beryl/Emerald Themes
by cainn

Score 81.7%
9   Dec 19 2010
Score 63.3%
9   Dec 19 2010