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Hernan Gatta , Canada

System Sounds by nfsp 14 comments

This is awesome! A great artwork!

P.S.: Could you add a Warning sound to complete the scheme?

P.S.2: Is there any way of associating the USB in and out sounds in Gnome (Ubuntu Edgy)?

Thank you!!! - Feb 14 2007
Usplash Theme - Fingerprint

Usplash Themes by Embrace 198 comments


With the last two Beta versions I just get a blank screen with the blinking cursor at the top. Alpha 3 used to work.

Here's some info:
Linux version 2.6.17-10-generic (root@terranova) (gcc version 4.1.2 20060928 (prerelease) (Ubuntu 4.1.1-13ubuntu5)) #2 SMP Tue Dec 5 22:28:26 UTC 2006 (Ubuntu 2.6.17-10.34-generic)

P4 1.8GHz
GeForce 3 DDR VRAM.

Any clues?
Thanks!!! - Jan 18 2007
Aqualooks 0.1.0 (Alpha)

GTK2 Themes by zammi 33 comments


I've been playing around with your Engine and I think it's extremely nice, however, I've found a couple of issues:

In Nautilus:
If you have the text at the left of the buttons, like this:

Back < -

There's an ellipse of what looks like a contour when you hover your mouse over the Back button.

Notebook Control:
Pop gedit up and see how the Tabs are rendered.

Open Bookmarks->Organize bookmarks.
The menus seem to render a couple of pixels higher than they should.

If you don't have that Gtk hack, Window Decorations above Menus above Toolbars are quite ugly because the Toolbars are rendered to blend with the Window Decoration, but it happens that above them, there's a Menu. May be you should handle these two possibilities separately and decide the best blend.

Gnome Panel (Personal Opinion):
The buttons simply have no spaces between each other and are way too squared :)

Appart from that, it's great!
Thank you! - Jan 16 2007