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Chris Shaver Charlotte, NC, United States of America
Weather Radar Screenlet

Conky by raymondgl9 11 comments

How do I update this to a working URL? I tried by editing the URL in the Python script, but still just got a black square. - Oct 10 2017
Red Icons for GNU/Linux

Full Icon Themes by promix89 28 comments

404 - dead link
- Oct 09 2017

Full Icon Themes by KuduK 23 comments

None of your download links work. Please update.
- Oct 09 2017
Weather Screenlet

Conky by storhaug3 10 comments

Almost perfect, but the main temp doesn't show. It only partially appears outside of the screenlet on the right hand side. How do I fix this? - Oct 09 2017
Blue Fire with no Back

Various Gnome Stuff by toolbox666 3 comments

I cannot seem to successfully install this on 0.4.1. It tells me that it's an invalid theme type. Any suggestions? - Oct 19 2012