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Jan 01 2012
When I converted the original iconpack, I had the same problem.
I just opened them in GIMP, created a color profile, I would use on the blue parts of the icon, saved them as .png and then simply renamed them to .svg ;) - Apr 13 2012
Most likely not (in the near future).

I've switched from LXDE to Razor-Qt some weeks ago and there seem to be several problems in using the theme in a QT-environment. I might familiarize with KDE-icons in the near future and then first convert uniwhite to be fully compatible with it - after that I may think about creating a darkgray/black theme...but neither of those is a top priority right now. - Apr 12 2012
Just to make this clear again:
Nobody has to pay for anything, nor register for anything in order to download the icon pack.
Simply click on "Free download" and that's it.

(just because there seem to have been a few registrations, which is quite a waste of time, unless you plan to host stuff [or buy a premium account]). ;) - Jan 01 2012
You don't have to pay for anything, it's a totally free 1-click-hoster.
I simply host it there for easier updating.
(Although you CAN of course buy a premium account, but that's no faster for a file that small) - Dec 30 2011
Wow, an accolade by the master :D - Dec 29 2011
Egg Window Manager

Qt Tools 11 comments

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Feb 12 2011
Actually, OB is also bigger than EggWM...and sometimes bigger ain't better.

I tried it today, and it's quite OK, pretty fast and simple - but I couldn't erase the titlebar, so I ditched it about 15 minutes later ;) - Feb 11 2012
This question is quite stupid, since there is no openbox as part of the razor-qt project.
Razor is shipped without any WM, if you want to use EggWM with it, just do it, it works (I tried it). - Feb 11 2012

KDE Plasma Screenshots
by zergpinscher

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9   Nov 23 2012
enso [Gnome-Pie]

Various Gnome Stuff
by zergpinscher

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9   Nov 23 2012
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9   Nov 23 2012