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Florian E

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by Maxilys 74 comments

powder has a really pleasant look, it's great. but i really miss one thing: when a window is maximized and i want to close it, it's not sufficient to simply "throw" my mouse into the top right corner and click (as with plastik-win-deco).
would be great to see that in the next version. - Apr 16 2006

Science by cniehaus 12 comments

wouldn't it be nice if kalzium had a integrated drawing tool?

as far as i know, there's no nice, feature rich chem. drawing tool for linux. or to be more precise, none of the linux tools nicely integrates into kde and uses its "framework"

on another note, wouldn't it make sense to move kalzium and eg kstars out of kde-edu and form a new package like kde-sci? - Oct 01 2005

Card by domseichter 24 comments

aren't those to games pretty similar?
i'd love to see a descent doppelkopf program for linux seems to be dead :( - Mar 30 2004

Various Stuff by gg3po 6 comments

in kde 3.2, the clock won't have a simple (ugly) color as its background, it will use your image! - Nov 19 2003