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Matej Vancik Bardejov, Slovak Republic
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Feb 27 2015
looks like there's communication problem between your phone and PC... How do you connect to PC? WiFi or 3G? What's your phone/tablet? Do you have stable connection on your PC? How did you set update intervals in application?

Can you reply to 'depeha at gamil com'? Kľudne aj po česky ;) - Feb 27 2014
Not right now, but you'll see it in next update ;) - Feb 16 2014
Do both icons stay unchanged for a long time? (more than 10 seconds)

It should be changed on next update. You can change that in settings -> upate interval (second option).
If you set it to one second everything sould be updated almost immediately. - Oct 21 2013
Thanks for help. It's bug somewhere in script. I'll try to fix it ASAP ;) - Oct 19 2013
I'm not sure why adding songs to playlist doesn't work for some. Can you try steps I described in comment below? (as response to ademmer1977's question)

I haven't already implemented search in app, but it will be available in future releases ;) - Oct 19 2013
Sorry for late reply. Can you try this please?

In your computer's browser go to http://localhost:8484/getCollectionSearchAll/ANY_ARTIST (replace ANY_ARTIST with name of some artist in your collection).
There should be number right at the beginning of reponse. Put that number instead of # at the end of this link: http://localhost:8484/cmdCollectionEnqueue/#
Is there new song at the end of your current playlist? If there is, can you try also next part please?

Install this version of app: (you might need to uninstall current app before installation)
Try to add some song to playlist (tap any song in collection). It will show message saying "NULL" or "Song ID: #". If it says "Song ID: #", it should add song to playlist successfully. If it did not, try put that number instead of # in link: http://localhost:8484/cmdCollectionEnqueue/#. Did this work? - Oct 18 2013
Looks like you have line break in one of artists (Trey Parker Matt Stone) in your colleciton. I tried to reproduce it, but I have no idea how to put linebreak in it. Can you replace script with this one: and try application again please? - Oct 18 2013
Thanks. I'll try to fix it in next update ;) - Oct 18 2013
Which version of Amarok are you using?
Is there anything if you go to http://localhost:8484/getCollectionAllArtists/ in your computer's browser? Can you save and upload that page for me please? - Oct 18 2013
Tap CDs image in action bar (above song title). ;) - Oct 18 2013
Thanks, I'm glad you like it. :)
It's still beta, so you might find some bugs, but I'll try fix them ASAP ;)
(Working right now on covers in playlist and photos. Next update should be out in few hours) - Oct 17 2013
Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot... It's 8484, but you don't have to set it in app if you didn't change it in script ;) - Oct 17 2013

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by mcder
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Nov 28 2011
Love this theme! Great work there, but I've found one bug:
I was looking for some configs in theme, but haven't found any. :( - Dec 01 2011